Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nora Roberts - Face the Fire

Three Sisters Island:
Book 3:

Face the Fire - Sam Logan and Mia Devlin

Mia was burned by Sam once before, they were childhood sweethearts.  Their passion burned bright and hot! Into his first year of college Sam starts to feel smothered not only by Mia and his overwhelming feelings for her but by his family obligations as well. Not able to handle it all at the age of 19 Sam breaks up with Mia crushing her heart so badly that years later she is still unwilling to give her heart to another and especially not Sam.  After all these years Sam blows back into town, he is older now and knows what he wants…. Mia. What he doesn’t know is how to win her back when she is determined to keep him at a distance, only problem is she can’t. The curse is hanging over Mia’s head and she knows that she is next and that it will be coming after her more aggressively than with her sisters, and she cannot deny Sam’s part in the curse or that she may need his help!

Anyone who has ever had their heart broken can defiantly feel for Mia, her desire to not be hurt again and to keep Sam at a distance is something we have all probably felt at one time or another. She is also a strong, motivated woman with a deep sense of responsibility. She is very protective of her loved ones and will do anything she can for them. Sam is hard to resist; he as a wiggling his way into your heart even though you want to dislike him for what he did to Mia, but like with her he gets in any way. This novel is an exciting conclusion to the series you will have felt like you knew every one of the characters like they have become one of your friends. I hated to see the end!

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