Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lynsay Sands - Love Bites

Argeneau Series:

Book 2:
Love Bites: Etienne Argeneau and Rachel Garrett

Rachel might be going a little crazy, after all she hasn’t been feeling well but a corpse is not supposed to move or be so good looking… When Etienne arrives in the morgue from a bullet through his heart he is a little put out with Pudge (the guy that put him there) Etienne is getting a little sick of these attempts on his life, now he has a mess to clean up, starting with the beautiful coroner.  It’s a shame he has to wipe himself from her memory, because he wouldn’t mind seeing her again. When a new burn victim corpse comes into the morgue Rachel is sure she has seen him before, he looks like the man that has been staring in her dreams the past week when she has been sick. As Rachel inspects the corpse closer she is not sure that he is actually dead. When a crazy man bursts into the morgue carrying an axe and screaming the burn victim is a “vampire” Rachel is sure he’s crazy, but when the crazy man goes to swing his axe Rachel instinctively puts herself in front of the body taking the axe into her chest instead of corpse. Rachel knows she is going to die, that was defiantly a killing blow. When Etienne comes to, he realizes that the beautiful coroner has taken an axe to the chest meant from him he realizes she saved his life and that he can do no less for her. Without hesitating Etienne turns Rachel to save her life and takes her home with him. When Rachel wakes up she knows she is supposed to be dead but she wakes up feeling surprisingly alive and in a strange house. Wandering around she enters an office and the man from her dreams pops out of a coffin telling her that she is now a vampire! That is too much vampires don’t exist and despite the indicators of the contrary she refuses to believe that she has become a soulless creature of the night especially when she was just promoted to the day shift! Etienne is not sure what to do, Rachel is not taking finding out she has been turned very well and on top of that he can’t read her so she may very well be his life mate.  When Rachel finally comes around to accepting she is a vampire Etienne and her life are still in danger with Pudge still out there hunting Etienne. Will Etienne survive long enough to make Rachel his?

This novel follows in the footsteps of all the other books in this series. It is cute and has some predictable suspense (Oxymoron I know). The chemistry between Rachel and Etienne is pretty sizzling and watching them fumble through their attraction is entertaining. The Pudge aspect of the novel turns out to be pretty amusing, so there are a few laughs to be had along this journey. Overall this novel was enjoyable.

3.5 moons out of 5

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