Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gena Showalter - Heart of the Dragon

Atlantis Series:

Book 1:
Heart of the Dragon: Darius en Kragin and Grace Carlyle

After Darius's entire family was brutally killed by travelers he has pledged his existence to protecting Atlantis from travelers. With a sense of purpose and no emotion he eliminates the traveler before it can possibly be a threat to Atlantis and all that Darius holds dear.  For 300 years Darius has had no issues protecting the mist until one day he finds a delectable, curvy, red headed human come through. Grace is in the Amazon looking for her brother Alex, he has been missing for several weeks and he is the person she is closest to in the world. The last she had heard from him is when he sent her this strange dragon medallion. When Grace is pulled through the mist the last thing she expects to see is a huge man with a sword who looks like he is ready to kill her. Darius is battling his urge to not kill this beautiful human, he knows his duty and ehat it entails, when he spots the medallion she is wearing. It is a dragon medallion that only dragons should be wearing, worse this particular medallion is his mentor’s.  Determined to find out why Grace is wearing his mentors medallion he takes her captive. After 300 years of never failing to do his duty Darius is perplexed why he couldn’t do it this time and why he feels this strong reaction to Grace, she brings out his emotions and all his senses and he’s not sure if he likes it, but until he finds out where she got the medallion he can’t kill her. Even though Grace is drawn to Darius like a moth to a flame, he is exactly like the gorgeous warriors she reads about in her romance novels, she knows she has to escape. Finally when Darius leaves her alone se manages to escape from Atlantis and return home to New York.  Upon her return Grace finds out her brother is still missing and there seems to be a conspiracy to keep her from finding any information about his whereabouts. Darius has failed not only did he fail to kill Grace but he didn’t get any information about the medallion, so he tracks her to New York.  Together Grace and Darius have to solve the mystery of the medallion because Graces missing brother and the takeover of Darius’s mentor’s palace all seem to come back to the medallion.

This is the first book in the Atlantis Series where we are introduced to dragons, vampires, centaurs, etc...  All those things that shouldn’t exist but do… I wasn’t that big of a fan of Grace, she is a curvy woman but didn’t embrace those curves and as a curvy woman myself that annoyed me. Called me biased, I’m ok with that! Darius as the alpha male was portrayed correctly he was cold and standoffish and confused by his new found senses.  When he is tasting food again for the first time in 300 years it brought a smile to my face the way he relished the experience. Because I know that the taste of an ├ęclair is a party in your mouth even if you taste them on a regular, let alone for the first time. Overall this book was solid, it was kind of slow and I took a few breaks from reading it but overall a good story.

2.75 moons out of 5

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