Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Larissa Ione - Sin Undone

Demonica Series:

Book 5:
Sin Undone – Conall and Sin

Sin has caused a plague, with one touch gone wrong she has condemned the Werg population to a deadly disease; there is no cure (at least not yet), it is always fatal and it seems to only affect the turned werg population (so far)… As head of an assassin den she is used to killing but for some reason this hits a nerve. Conall can’t stand Sin, everywhere she goes Chaos soon follows, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to get into her pants and she defiantly keeps him guessing.  Conall is a rare Dhempire, half vampire and half werewolf and so far he has been resistant to the SF disease, so he is forced to work with Sin to find an antibody.  Sin is the most wanted person in existence at this point, both turned and born wergs want her dead and have turned her into the Justice league for punishment, than there is the pesky problem that multiple assassin den’s want her dead so they can take her ring and her den and now she is stuck with that arrogant but incredibly sexy Con. So now all Sin and Con have to do is avoid the Justice Demons, dens of highly trained  assassin’s, turned wergs, born wergs, some weird guy on a horse, and find a cure to this disease that she started.

Sin should not exist as the only female Seminus demon ever produced, she considers herself a freak of nature.  After 100 years of being a slave to some master or another, finally she belongs to no one and she plans on keeping it that way for the rest of her life!  As a Dhempire every day that Conall is with Sin and feeds off of her he risks becoming addicted to her blood, never has a females body and blood called to him so much as Sin’s he knows he runs a huge risk but he cannot bring himself to leave her.  The longer he stays the worse it gets and he knows there is no way they can be together, but he may have already entered the point of no return.

This is the last book of this series and I am so sad to see the end. I already miss them all.  All the characters in this series are well developed and you really grow to care about them. This book in particular since Sin had such a rough life you really want to see her happy and with half the demon world after her it doesn’t look good.  With this book Larissa really takes you out with a BANG, it is action packed and explosive, literally!  Thankfully this is probably not the end of this family, there looks to be a spin off in the works to come out in March. I cannot wait!

An explosive 5 out of 5 moons!
March cannot get here soon enough!  

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