Monday, January 3, 2011

Cheyenne McCray - Night Tracker Series Books 1 and 2

Cheyenne McCray:

Night Tracker Series

Major Players:
Nyx Ciar – Half Drow and Half Human
Olivia DeSantos – Human and all around bad ass
Torin – Origins unknown
Dect Nick – Human NYPD and Liaison, and a gorgeous hunk of male meat
Rodán – Light Elf and head of the Night Trackers
Ice – Shifter and Night Tracker
Joshua – Shadow Shifter and Night Tracker
Angel – Doppler and Night Tracker

Demons Not Included:

Nyx is a half Drow (Dark Elf) and half Human, you ask her and she will say she has the best of both worlds. During the day she is a PI for her own firm and looks completely human and at night her inner elf comes out and she is 5’8” of purple skinned and blue haired bad asseness and is a Night Tracker, which is an elite team of paranorms that protect NYC from other things that go bump in the night. The current gig is demons are attacking both human liaisons between the paranorm world and the human world and night trackers. So far three of each group has been massacred. Nyx has always worked alone during her Night tracker gig and is now stuck with Torin as her partner/babysitter/pain in her ass, but none of her previous missions have been as dangerous as this one. Can Nyx and team get to the bottom of this demon problem before the flood gates are opened to pure evil!?

I was expecting more of a love plot but instead got a fun love triangle that was entertaining so I wasn’t really missing that element too much. The rest of the plot was fast paced and action packed so it was a quick entertaining read. McCray writes so that conversions seem real, using current lingo and how friends and colleagues would really talk to each, without all the formal writing style so you can really feel involved with the story line. When Nyx loses friends you really feel for her, it is written in such a way that the pain doesn’t feel fake. Overall I really enjoyed this novel, it was entertaining and fun and I will be continuing with the series.

3.5 moons out of 5

No Werewolves Allowed:

The usual suspects return in this novel.  The alpha of the Manhattan werewolf clan has come to Rodán to help him find out what is happening to his clan members. They have been disappearing only to be returned mutilated and killed.  Several pups were stolen and not returned and there is hope that they are still alive. Rodán taps Nyx and Olivia as well as three other Night Trackers (Ice, Angel and Josh) for the case. When the five get to the werewolves camp there are several things that strike them as odd most importantly their sense of smell. Without their smell it makes it all the more difficult for these Trackers to track. When a pregnant werewolf and her pup are taken it becomes all that more important for them to find the missing werewolves all with a deadline over their heads… The next full moon only days away… Will it be too late to save these werewolves and possibly the entire paranormal community?

In this novel Nyx finally gets her man only to be sent off on a mission.  We are introduced to several new characters that I like already. Angel kicks major booty, Josh is intriguing and Ice seems to be more complex than he portrays himself.  I would like to see Olivia find a love interest or at least some eye candy. I keep hoping for her, but she still remains one of my fav’s. Her t-shirt collection cracks me up. (I’ll include some in the “Book Quotes” section of this blog).  Overall a good read the suspense and action keeps you on the edge of your seat and you are ready to see what the next mission is going to be!

3.5 moons out of 5

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