Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kresley Cole - Demon from the Dark

Immortals After Dark:

Book 10:
Demon from the Dark: Malkom Slaine and Carrow Graie

Malkom is a Vemon which is supposed to be a Lore myth and not a reality! He is a Demon turned Vampire with the strengths of both. Exiled on a demon hell plane he has been alone for 300 years.  Carrow is a rare three cast witch who had been abducted for the sole reason to bring Malkom back.  Carrow is sent to the demon plane without really knowing what she is getting herself into only knowing that she has to succeed or the life of a small child is in jeopardy.  Alone in a hell plane Carrow is at the mercy of any of the creatures that live there, many of which were exiled to those harsh conditions; and  Malkom is the biggest and badest of them all!  Malkom immediately recognizes Carrow as both his “Bride” and “Mate” for both parts of his nature and doesn’t understand why Carrow wouldn’t recognize him as the same. Carrow is a witch and doesn’t have the same reaction in fact she is terrified but knows she must suceed and if she is going to be protected it might as well as be the biggest and badest creature around.

Malkom is one of my favorite males in this series, he’s had a tortured past betrayed by everyone that he ever cared about starting with his own mother who sold him to the Vampires to be a blood slave where every imaginable atrocity was committed against him.  Next came his best and only friend, then his people because of he was turned vampire and will Carrow his mate, his everything be the last?  Malkom is interesting because he is so incredibly hard due to the live he has lead, he can’t trust anyone yet when he meets Carrow he is so incredibly gentle with her and he wants to so badly believe that things will be different this time, even after everything he still has the ability to love and hope, he doesn’t know what’s to come.

Carrow knows she is going to betray Malkom and it is tearing her apart.  Malkom has been so kind and gentle with her and she can tell he has a troubled past but doesn’t know the specifics. Even if she wanted to get Malkom’s help she can’t, they don’t speak the same language and she can’t explain that she needs his help to save Ruby. Ruby is Carrow’s newly adopted daughter and if she can’t get Malkom back to her world Ruby will very likely be killed. Carrow knows what she has to do but it is breaking her heart, she doesn’t know how all this has happened not 3 weeks before she was living the good life as “the Party Girl” of New Orleans! Carrows party girl routine is really a way to cope with her so very lonely unloving childhood.  She was basically cast aside by her parents when she was child. You can really feel her loneliness, you get some flash backs to the way she was treated before her parents abandoned her and it is heartbreaking, no child should be treated that way. 

Malkom and Carrow are perfect for each other with both of their troubled pasts you wonder if they can in fact heal each other.  One of the most interesting parts of the book is how they communicate since they cannot actually talk to each other, so they kind of their own communication and it’s almost deeper since they have to use non-vocal methods.  Does Carrow betray Malkom and if she does can he ever forgive her? 

This book will also set up what you can tell will be the next couple of books and it really makes you crave the next book! I know I am in suspense waiting for the next one.  Almost all of the characters of previous books appear in this book so if you were missing them, they make their cameos!  This is a must read and one of my favs of this series!!!

5 moons out of 5

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  1. I have to agree Demon From The Dark is my #1 favorite from the series followed by Kiss Of The Demon King. For all of you who follow my girl Amanda's blog you need to listen to what she has to say ... she knows her stuff when it comes to amazing books!