Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kresley Cole - Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Immortals After Dark:

Book 9:
Pleasure of a Dark Prince: Garreth MacRieve and Lucia the Huntress

Garreth MacRieve is the current reluctant King of the Lykae. He is convinced his missing brother Lachlain is still alive somewhere. He is in the middle of a good brood when he scents his mate who turns out to be the Valkyrie Lucia the Huntress.  Lucia is as secretive as she is deadly.  Lachlain returns from the dead and captures Lucia’s niece Emma, to get her back the Valkyrie decide to capture Garreth and use Lucia as bait.

Garreth does not want to be King and has been resisting the Kinghood for 150 years but after years of searching for a new location for his clan he selects New Orleans which also happens to be the home of a coven of Valkyrie. When he scents Lucia he knows she is his mate and stalks her relentlessly from a far because she made it clear she does not return the feelings.  When Garreth senses Lucia is in trouble he runs to her rescue of course! As it turns out it’s a trap that he walks right into. Now he’s captured and in the dungeon on the Lucia’s home and he is thrilled! Now he can be closer to Lucia who with his endearing accent sounds like Loosha. Too cute! Got to love an accent! It is also here in this dungeon that he finds out his beloved brother is in fact alive and taken Lucia’s niece captive.  Once all that is worked out and he is released he finds that Lucia has run from him! And typical of the Lykae he runs after her chasing after her for a year before he finally catches up to her but not before she attempts to kill him several times.  Who doesn’t love a good stalker story, his stalking isn’t too creepy since he also saves her life several times.  When he finally catches up to her in the Amazon basin here is where things really heat up.

When Lucia is 16 she makes a HUGE mistake that affects the rest of her life! And of course it involves a man aren’t all the biggest mistakes in a women’s life involving a man? Lucia does not have the time or the inclination to deal with an over bearing man at this time! She is on a time sensitive mission and if she is not successful it could mean the apocalypse.  Garreth turns up right on time with information that she needs for her mission but she is determined that this is her mission and he CANNOT be involved. He is just as determined that he will take care of it for her. Of course a man wouldn’t think a woman is capable of handling it on her own. Lucia is the greatest archer in all of the lore and one of the best hunters so she is indeed insulted that a man wants to take over her duty! You find yourself agreeing with Lucia I mean who needs a man to take over anyway, why send a man for a women’s job anyway!  Garreth demand that she give up of her secrets and beliefs for him and after her mistake at 16 Lucia just isn’t ready to do that and I can’t blame her. It was one dozy of a mistake!

This book spans over a year time frame and will fill in some gaps from Lachlain and Emma’s book which is great! I love how all the books tie in together but you can read them on their own without being lost.  This may be a little blood thirsty but you kind of chuckle a little every time Lucia tries to half heartedly take out Garreth, I mean it’s no more than the stalker deserves. J  Once Garreth does catch up it turns hot and sultry just like the Amazon itself. In the end the women has to save the man which will have feminists everywhere cheering!

5 moons out of 5

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