Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lydia Dare - The Wolf Next Door

Lykae/Coig Series:

The Wolf Next Door – William Westfield and Prisca Hawthorne

Will has loved Prisca his whole life, but one rumor years ago ruined all chances with her. In the years following Will becomes a rake doing whatever he can to try to chase Prisca from his mind.  Prisca is determined to make Will pay for breaking her heart. Each time she sees him her heart aches for him but she knows all the despicable things he has been up to all these years so when she sees him all she will let him see is her distain. When one of Prisca’s brothers brings a friend home with him for the holidays Will immediately senses he is another werewolf only with a feral streak. When the other wolf shows an interest in Prisca, it forces Will to find a way to force Prisca into matrimony with him.  Prisca cannot believe that she has been forced into marriage with Will!  He is not willing to give up Prisca even if it means she hates him forever.  Now Will has the battle of his life on his hands and his wife is his greatest foe.

I enjoy Wills devil may care attitude and you really root for him since you have gotten to know Will from the past books and how much he deeply cares for Prisca, so you really hope that he can turn this mess around.  Prisca is not a woman you want to be angry with you, she may be a woman in a time when woman are subservient but there is nothing subservient about this woman and she knows how to get even! It is a great battle of wills and the sparks fly between these two. But who will win??

3.5 moons out of 5

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