Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lynsay Sands - Single White Vampire

Argeneau Series:

Book 3:
Single White Vampire:  Lucern Argeneau and Kate C. Leever

Lucern is a writer, in the past he has written historical books for universities and now he has become his families “biographer”, but somehow those biographies have become “Vampire Romance Novels”.  Lucern is annoyed and aggravated by his new found fame and his pain in the butt new editor won’t leave him alone to do “publicity”. Kate is convinced Lucern is the most stubborn man she has ever encountered.  He refuses to even consider any publicity and answers all of her letters with a single word “No”, if that isn’t the rudest thing she has ever encountered she doesn’t know what is. Determined to get him to agree to something Kate goes up to Canada and refuses to leave until he agrees to something, what she didn’t count on was her overwhelming attraction to the stubborn man. Lucern does not like aggressive woman, he is from a time when women were docile and subservient so he is surprised when he is attracted to his super aggressive editor and even more surprised when he finds himself actually liking her. In an attempt to get her off of his back regarding publicity he agrees to do one Romance Times “interview” only to find out after Kate leaves that he actually agreed to a 5 day conference not a quick interview. When Lucern gets to the conference he is surprised to find that his attraction has only grown for Kate, during the next 5 days the romancing will commence…

I didn’t really connect with Lucern and Kate through this novel, I actually found myself enjoying the sub-character of Chris (Kate’s fellow editor) or C.K. as he is often called more than the main characters. There were a few amusing moments with Lucern and Kate, but overall they were not my favorites of this series so far. It might have been because we didn’t see much of Lucern before this novel like we have some of the other characters so there wasn’t much on him going into this novel. Usually I like aggressive go getter women characters, but Kate wasn’t very memorable, there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with her but she didn’t stick out of the crowd for me. This novel overall was ok, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.

2.5 moons out of 5

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