Monday, March 14, 2011

Jacquelyn Frank - Drink of Me

Jacquelyn Frank:

Drink of Me: Reule, Prime of the Sánge and Mystique

Reule is the Prime of the Sánge people. His people have been persecuted by the other tribes of this world and kicked out of their lush tropical paradise. Having traveled across harsh land Reule finally found a place to make a home, vowing that no one what will take what is theirs again. The Jackels have been a pain in Reule’s side for many years but when they take and torture one of his Pack, Reule will get his Pack Mate back and retribution for this attack will be his. During his rescue as the most powerful telepath and empath Reule feels the presence of infinite sadness coming from a female inside the same house as his Pack Mate is being held, Reule is compelled to save the woman whose sadness is affecting him so strongly.  Upon Mystique’s rescue she has no idea who or what she is, she only knows that this man that rescued her is the man for her. The attraction between Reule and Mystique is instantaneous and anyone around them is also deeply affected by what is going on between the two of them and soon they are not able to keep their hands off of each other. Even Mystique’s mysterious past can’t keep them apart, but as more time goes by the more they discover there is more to Mystique than they first thought…

J. Franks creates a whole new interesting world. The Sánge are a complex and intriguing people, the telepathic and empathic twist along with the third ‘pathic ability adds a whole other dimension to the people. The more glimpses of Mystiques past you get the more intrigued you are by her and what she is. The chemistry between her and Reule is scorching! Add the dynamic of the Pack, Mystiques mysterious past and the dangers of the Jackels you will have enough in this novel to keep you entertained for the duration. What I am not sure I like about this novel is it read like it was going to be a first of a series following the Sánge Pack, it was certainly setting it up for one, but when I went to J. Franks website she has this novel listed as a standalone. This disappoints me, there was a set up for a second novel and it ended like it was building up to something with no conclusion on that. I liked this Sánge world and hope J. Franks changes her mind and continues on…

4 moons out of 5

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