Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christine Feehan - Oceans of Fire

Drake Sisters Series:

Book 3:
Oceans of Fire: Abigail Drake and Aleksandr Volstov

Abby is a Marine Biologist more comfortable at sea with her beloved dolphins than on land with pool. She has an affinity with animals, and with animals there are no way that she can slip up and learn all of their deepest darkest secrets with one word. Four years ago, Abby made one of the biggest mistakes of her life she used her gift for the man she loved; Aleksandr Volstov an Interpol Agent; and a man died because of it, what followed was days of torture at the hands of Russians only to have her abruptly deported from Russia and betrayed by the man she loved. Four years later her confidence in herself and her gift is still completely shattered and she still aches for the man she once loved. One night while in the ocean Abby witnesses a murder of a man by Russians, as it turns out the man that was murdered was Aleksandr’s partner, undercover in Sea Haven to capture Russian Mafia members smuggling art and humans into the United States from Russia through the sleepy town. All of the sudden Abby is thrust into a life threatening situation, and not only is her life being threatened but her heart, because Aleksandr has no intention of letting Abby go for a second time. Can Abby trust herself enough to let Aleksandr have heart again and trust that he won’t hurt her again, because she doesn’t think she could survive that kind of heartache again.

This was not one of my favorite books of the series, it was ok. You never do get some sort of conclusion with Abby and her gifts, throughout the book she is denying her gift and refuses to use them because of the trouble it can cause and you never see a resolution to that.  You can only assume that she doesn’t regain confidence in herself and her gift which is a shame. Now Aleksandr on the other hand.. He oozes confidence and danger! He is one of my favorite men of the series, raised in Russia to be a killer he takes a different path, a path into law enforcement. He has confidence in himself and his abilities and goes after what he wants regardless of the cost to himself. Once, four years ago the the cost to a decision he made was Abby the love of his life, now that she is back in his life he is not taking NO for an answer.  She is everything that is good in his life.  You wish that some of that confidence would rub off on Abby and that she would have more faith in herself and her abilities. The Russian Mafia twist brings action to the novel and introduces us to Ilya Prakenskii, who we will be seeing a lot of in the books to come!

3 moons out of 5

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