Saturday, March 12, 2011

J.R. Ward - Lover Mine

Black Dagger Brotherhood:

Book 8:
Lover Mine: John Matthew aka. Tehrror aka. Darius and Xhex

John Matthew’s life has not been an easy one, seemingly dragged through life rather than living it.  He was born in a bus station bathroom found by a janitor and given to an orphanage where he was always an outsider; he went through several foster homes and finally left at 16 to make his own way. He barely scraps by as a dishwasher living in the worst part of town; an area that only people with nowhere else to go, are.  John had no idea what he was until he met Mary and Bella and was brought into his new life and just when things start looking up the only parents he has known, leave him; one involuntary by death (Wellsie) and Tohrment taking off in his grief.  Xhex is head of security for Rehvenge and sidelines as an assassin; she is hard as nails life has made her that way.  She has been abducted and tortured before now she is abduction number two when the Lesser Lash takes her captive.   John has been in love with Xhex since the moment he saw her as a pre-trans, when Xhex is taken captive he believes her dead but won’t give up his search!  Xhex knows she messed up with John not being able to handle his feeling for her, but thoughts of him are all that is getting her through this torture. 

John is such an endearing character, maybe because you watch him from the beginning; it’s like watching him grow up.  You really feel for him as one thing after another happens to him but he always survives through it with a certain measure of innocence remaining intact.  Most people would have crumbled and turned hard but John seemed to keep hope and that small amount of innocence, when he loses that your heart breaks for him!  Xhex has never belonged and life has made her hard, but she is drawn to John, she can’t let herself, she has done this once before and because of whom she is it ended badly and she can’t do that to John.  Xhex is my favorite female of the series. She is a warrior at heart and does not let anyone mess with her. You have to respect that.  This book has three story lines running through it which actually transitions well and adds some surprising twists. You will not get bored with this book!  I’ve probably read it 4 times already!

5 moons out of 5

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