Saturday, March 12, 2011

J.R. Ward - Lover Avenged

Black Dagger Brotherhood:

Book 7:
Lover Avenged: Rehvenge aka. The Reverend and Ehlena

Rehvenge has a life altering secret that he has been living with his whole life. If his secret gets out his very life and the life of another will be drastically altered if not ended completely.   For the last 25 years Rehvenge has been doing what he needs to do to make sure his secret does not get out and blackmail is expensive in more than one way.  Ehlena is a nurse at Havers clinic where Rehvenge often frequents, all the other nurses avoid him drawing straws to see who will attend to him; Ehlena finds Rehvenge as intriguing as she does disturbing.  When Rehvenge asks Ehlena for a date she flat out refuses him, she has a sick father and does not have time for any man let alone a force like Rehvenge.  When concern over his health has Ehlena reconsidering meeting him she finally agrees and finds herself draw to the man. 

Rehvenge struggle with reconciling his growing feelings for Ehlena and everything he has to do to keep his secret well… a secret.  Rehvenge knows he has to stay away from Ehlena , just who he is , is a danger to her and if she ever found out his secret she will hate him forever and may be put in a dangerous position.  Ehlena feels guilty for even considering a relationship when her life is in such tatters, her father is ill and needs constant care and she doesn’t believe she should even be considering a man.  After Ehlena finds out Rehvenge’s secret and he disappears will she forgive him and go and get her man? Or is she too betrayed to forgive him?

5 moons out of 5

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