Saturday, March 5, 2011

Karen Marie Moning - The Dark Highlander

Highlanders Series:

Book 5:
The Dark Highlander: Dageus MacKelter and Chloe Zanders

Dageus broke the number one rule of his Druid ancestry; you are NOT to use the stones for your personal benefit. When Drustan dies in a fire Dageus uses the stones to go back in time to save his brother, in doing so he faced a punishment of housing 13 ancient evil druids within him. Now he has 13 evil druids compelling him to do evil, only his sheer will power is keeping them from taking him over his body as it is he finds himself using magic more and more for personal gain. In his feelings of shame Dageus fleas the 16th century through the stones for the 21st century to find a way to get the 13 ancient ones out of his body and mind. What he doesn’t know is that there is a secret society that has been waiting for the prophecy to finally fulfill itself in the form of Dageus, they now await the full transformation of Dageus into pure evil so they can rule as they were always meant to do. Chloe loves all things old and her true passion is Scottish artifacts, so when she is instructed to take an ancient Scottish text to what she believes is a pompous rich guy who will ruin the text she is put out. When she gets to Dageus pent house and he is not there she takes it upon herself to explore his home where there are Celtic artifacts EVERYWHERE, she has died and gone to heaven! In her explorations she see’s several texts that have recently been stolen, she can’t believe she is in the home of a thief; she has to get out of there and call the police!  When Dageus spots Chloe she is under his bed with just her legs sticking out and what fabulous legs they are! When Dageus sees that she has seen the stolen texts and knows they are stolen he has no choice but to keep her until he finishes his research and goes back to Scotland. Despite herself Chloe gets caught up with helping Dageus translate the texts, she just can’t help herself! So when he asks her to go to Scotland with him, she can’t resist, but hours before they leave she is attacked and may not make it out alive…

I was somewhat disappointed with this one, don’t get me wrong I did like it, but I just thought that with the 13 ancients the story could have gone in so many interesting ways, but the book was a lot of researching and talking and less action, I would have liked it to have gone in a more action direction. That being said the sheer will power of Dageus is very impressive and Chloe’s innocence is endearing. However, this is K.M. Monings 5th virgin, and I have to say I don’t think there is that many attractive mid 20 something’s left in the modern America, so it’s a little unrealistic but hey if K.M. Moning likes writing about innocent virgins far be it from me to argue with a formula that seems to work. I do suggest reading this book it picks up from where the last one left off and it will help if you continue the series and read Cian MacKelter book.

3 moons out of 5

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