Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kerrelyn Sparks - How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

The Love at Stake Series:

Book 1:
How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire: Roman Draganesti and Dr. Shanna Whelan

When testing a dummy for possible production Roman broke off one of his fangs and he needed a dentist ASAP to fix his fang or he would become the laughing stock of the vampire community but there are no vampire dentist in New York, so he has to risk a human, but where would there be an open dentist this late at night. Dr. Shanna Whelan is a dentist at a 24 hour dentistry in the New York proper, it’s a good thing she works the late night shift because after her brush with the Russian Mafia she can no longer tolerate the sight of blood, she will faint at the sight of it, which can really throw a kink in your profession if you have to regularly see blood.  Since she entered into the Witness Protection Program, Shanna has lost her entire life and she wasn’t going to let them take her career too, because if she didn’t have at least that she didn’t know what she would have anymore.  When Shanna picks up the phone one night she hears the thing she feared most, the Russian Mob found her already, terrified she thinks the stranger who walks in is going to kill her. Roman doesn’t know what to make of the woman holding a gun up to him, he just wants his tooth fixed, but when gunshots are heard he is compelled to help the beautiful dentist and maybe if he saves her she’ll fix his tooth. When fleeing her assailants he realizes their worlds have collided, one of the men trying to kill her is his worst enemy the Russian Ivan, he had heard he hired out for an assassin but what is he doing going after the dentist, not will to risk her he takes her home with him where he can protect her and hopefully get his tooth fixed. When Shanna is taken to Roman’s place she realizes he is a crazy person, he wants her to implant a wolf fang in his mouth, which she refuses to do even if he did save her life! The longer Shanna stays with Roman the more things are not adding up, but the more and more she can’t resist him, it’s like they are one. Roman can’t risk Shanna finding out about him because as soon as she does he is sure she will want to kill him...

This book is pretty traditional as far a vampire characteristics are concerned, nothing really new there. However K. Sparks really puts a humorous spin on this story, I found myself laughing a lot. So if you like a less dark and a more lighthearted/funny story with plenty of action to keep you entertained you will be well pleased with this book. I will be continuing with this series and will hopefully be caught up by the time the newest one comes out March 29, 2011.

4 moons out of 5

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