Monday, March 7, 2011

Lora Leigh - Wild Card

Elite Ops Series:

Book 1:
Wild Card: Nathan Malone/Noah Blake and Sabella Malone


Turn back the clock to 6 years ago, Nathan Malone owned a garage and was a proud Navy SEAL, he met and married Sabella, a young, sweet, gentle natured “southern belle” who he loved to his very soul. Six years ago he left on a mission; Nathan Malone never returned home to his wife. Noah was born from the ashes that were Nathan Malone, everything that Nathan once was died at the hands of Diego Fuentes a South American Drug lord who did everything in his power to break Nathan in body and spirit. Upon Nathans rescue there was almost nothing left of him body and soul and Nathan made the choice to stay dead and join the Elite Ops to “protect” his wife from the man that he became.  Noah emerged stronger, harder, colder, a real mean SOB that didn’t hesitate to kill. In the 6 years that followed Noah would not let himself to feel any emotion until this mission. Everything changes with this mission… For six years Sabella has been mourning her husband, for the first 3 years she could barely leave the house, the pain and the dreams were too intense. But after three years she emerged stronger, more steady and ready to take on her husband’s garage and turn it around. Never again would she be the wide eyed innocent that let a man direct her, she let her true colors out: a strong, independent woman that was more than capable of taking care of herself! Everything is finally going alright in Sabella’s world until a hard, dangerous man Noah Blake rolls into town, into her garage trying to take over everything including her. When Noah enters town to bring down the Black Collar Militia, he finds his garage and his wife right smack in the middle of all the trouble.  With danger all around him Noah takes cover in his garage, little did he know that his biggest danger would be his little wife, who is nothing like the woman whom he married, but that doesn’t seem to matter, all the old feelings from before are still there and more intense and now Noah finds himself competing with himself for his wife. For six years Sabella has felt nothing for men and then Noah arrives and suddenly she is feeling again and part of that feeling is intense guilt over her dead husband, can she put the past behind her and move on with a man that is not her husband…
Ok, so technically this is not paranormal romance but I loved the book so much that I am recommending it to you to read and I actually got this recommendation from several forums dedicated to paranormal romance, so if you love paranormal romance you will very love this series as well! Nathan/Noah is definitely a alpha male, all hard, sexy and dominating! What I would give to have this sexy male trying to dominate me. Sabella grew over the 6 years and found a strength that few men give woman the credit of having. She has a back bone of  steel and no man is going to come in and tell her how she is going to live her life not even the sexy Noah, no longer is she a young woman who does what she is told to please her man. She goes toe to toe with Noah and the fireworks are exciting and the “making up” is explosive. With a danger around them, will another man be taken from Sabella?

5 moons out of 5

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