Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Christina Dodd - Touch of Darkness

Darkness Chosen:

Book 2:
Touch of Darkness: Rurik Wilder and Tasya Hunnicutt

Rurik Wilder thinks he has finally found what he has spent years looking for, the Icon that can save his family. According to all of his research as an archeologist it all points to this one grave site in Scotland. When treasure chest is found while he is back home in Washington, he rushes to the grave site, only to find it swarming with reporters and the Photo Journalist Tasya Hunnicutt… They shared one night of bliss, when she left him in the middle of the night while he was sleeping. Didn’t she know that she is His!?!  Tasya is so close to getting the proof she needs that the Varinskis are the rappers, murders, mercenaries they have been accused of but never brought to trial.. All she needs is the Varinski family icon that should be in this grave. When Rurik removes the treasure chest from the ruins and opens the chest both Rurik and Tasya are holding their breath in expectation, only to come up with jewels but no icon.  Both in the early morning light end up back at the dig, unknowingly looking for the same thing for different reasons. While they are working they are prematurely interrupted by… Varinskis. Both Tasya and Rurik think that the Varinskis have finally caught up with them, but when they start setting charges Rurik realizes that they are going to blow the grave site and everything in it, including Rurik and Tasya. While they were running the tunnel caved in on Rurik and Tasya, but by the grace of God, Rurik manages to free them, but now they are on the run. Time, memories, secrets and Varinskis are not on their side and they will probably not escape this alive and with the Icon.

This book didn’t quite have the same heat and sizzle as the first book, it kind of starts off slow and doesn’t seem to really get going until about a third of the way through. Rurik is not quite as intense as his brothers an in fact made a pact with himself to not embrace his inner bird and has not taken flight in over 5 years, until his and Tasya’s life depended on it. Now in this book we do see more Varinski action. It’s like they realized that they underestimated the Wilders and start sending men in force. And the situation looks pretty dire for Tasya and Rurik and you will probably shed a few tears, I know I teared up. Rurik is more likable than his brother and his feelings for Tasya don’t feel as forced as they did with Jasha and Anne, it just lacked some of the intensity I thought Rurik would have being a Wilder. Tasya, is a lot stronger of a character than Anne was, she is fiercely independent and a world traveler as well as on some countries persona non grata lists for her photo journalism. She is a female that kicks butt and doesn’t lack for a self esteem and you find out a cool twist with Tasya towards the end.


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