Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Christina Dodd - Into the Shadow

Darkness Chosen:

Book 3:
Into the Shadow: Adrik Wilder AKA Warlord and Karen Sonnet

Seventeen years ago, Adrik turned his back on his family and embraced his wild side. He found himself in Asia where he started making a name for himself as Warlord.

Two years ago, Karen Sonnet was on site as the construction manager for her father Adventure Hotels on the side of the Anaya Mountain, where people go to climb natures wildest but never return the same or whole. All her life she has wanted to make her father proud and strived to be the best, but this job might just be the death of her; nothing is going right, except the nightly visits from her mystery lover. Warlord saw Karen in the train station and just knew that she would be His! Under the cover of darkness he visits her tent.  One early morning one of Kerens men runs into a burial site, when Karen looks in she sees a small child that literally opens its eyes and looks directly at her, when it’s eyes close, the bones crumble and left underneath the remains is a small tile of the Virgin Mary, Karen realizes that she must protect the Virgin Mary at all costs, she knows that she was chosen.  Almost immediately following the mountain side starts coming down around her. Looking up a man on a bike is coming down to rescue her, hoping on the back of the bike, she realizes this is her mystery lover. What she didn’t realize was that he was going to take her hostage. Warlord is more evil than good, but he knows that he needs Karen; something about her makes him want to be good. Karen is having no part of being held captive! All she needs to do is get away.

Present Day:
For two years Karen has been looking over her shoulder for Warlord, when he let her go he said he would find her and she believed him. After her captivity, she returned home to her father, and that didn’t go so well, so she left and took a year to herself. Now she is a successful events coordinator at a Spa and Hotel, she has finally rebuilt her life on the ashes that was Asia. Now a handsome man named Rick Wilder comes into the hotel and she immediately senses a kinship to Warlord, immediately weary, she is somehow convinced to stay. Rick woos her, and her uneasiness starts to wan, until he kisses her. Warlord was held captive by a Varinski, sadistically tortured until he was begging for death. The only thing that got him through was Karen. He had to get back to his Karen. Upon his escape, he knew he had to change his life, to embrace the good, and he set out to do exactly that. Now he is different and ready to reclaim his woman. Only to have the Varinski, find her the same time he did. Will he have to embrace the dark to save them both?

So I loved this book, I am not sure what exactly grabbed me, but it did! I picked this book up and did not put it down until it was finished. It kept me up all night! So, Warlord is as intense and Jasha was, but he was still likeable even though he leaned towards evil, but there is just a glimmer of what he could be. When he returns he is fascinating mix between the new good Rick and the old bad Warlord and it had me hooked. Not that I would have minded being Warlords captive forcing orgasm after orgasm on me. That would have been so rough, lol! But I understood Karen’s point of being considered a slave. My feminist sensibilities would have been up in arms as well. And Karen certainly knew how to take care of herself. Her “father” made sure of that. She could survive in the harsh Himalayas on her own, shot, fly, hunt, etc… I want to be Karen when I grow up! I can’t even change a tire on my car. HAHA! The clash of wills between these two will certainly keep you glued to the pages. I give it two thumbs up and I bet I’ll be rereading this one in my future!


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