Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Kerrelyn Sparks - Vamps and the City

Love At Stake:

Book 2:
Vamps and the City: Austin Erickson and Darcy Newhart

Austin is a new recruit to the Stake Out team, within the CIA. His mission to bring down all vampires! He is staking out the DVN (Digital Vampire Network) when he sees a leggy, drop dead gorgeous blond walk in with a bunch of vampires. But he is not sure if she is a human or a vampire, everything about her looks human. Darcy has been a vampire now for 4 years and she hates it. As a human she was used to working and making her own way in life, she had friends and a family. As a vampire she was a part of Roman’s Harem and the modern woman in her was appalled at the idea. Now that Roman is getting married he had to get rid of his harem so Darcy is determined to make her own way. However, her options are severely limited, basically her only option is the DVN and it is a sexist world. The only way she could get in is by promising a Reality Show featuring Roman’s former harem, but she has some twists in store for these vampire snobs! Austin’s boss is obsessed with finding his daughter Shanna who is living with the vampire coven master Roman. He orders Austin and Garret to go undercover on a vampire reality show. Austin is not thrilled about this but as soon as he realizes it will bring him closer to mystery woman/vampire he is on board! He is convinced she is a human living in the vampire world, but what he can’t understand is why and he is determined to have her as his. Darcy doesn’t know what to do, she has this incrediably handsome sexy … Human.. perusing her. She knows she can’t have him and he can’t find out she’s a vampire but she just can’t help herself. She knows if he ever finds out what she really is the ish will hit the fan!

I adored this book! The chemistry between Austin and Darcy is explosive and magnetic. Austin is so sweet, yet he is no push over and can hold his own and then some in any fight. But it is cute to watch him try to save Darcy from her own world, he just refuses to believe the obvious, but its endearing. Darcy has got to be the worst vampire ever! She refuses to use any of her vampire gifts. She won’t teleport or mind read, she drinks her blood cold so she can’t taste it. Darcy was one female not meant for the vampire world, but little by little she was actually helping other female vampires find their worth without them even realizing it. Kerrelyn Sparks has such a great sense of humor you will find yourself laughing through the whole book at various times. I have a feeling this will be my favorite book of the series!


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  1. I love this series! And this book was so much fun!! :)