Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Christina Dodd - Into the Flame

Darkness Choosen:

Book 4:
Into the Flame: Doug Black and Firebird Wilder

Three Years ago: Firebird Wilder is in her last semester of school, is about to graduate, has a great man and is going to be a mother. She’s on top of the world, until, she sees her boyfriend and father of her unborn child turn into a golden cougar, unbeknownst to him. Fearing the worst (He is one of the Varinski’s and found her and has been using her for info) Firebird, packs up and leaves school early, never telling Doug that she was leaving or where she was going, or that she was preggers.

Current day: Firebird was just given news that changes her whole life and that of her families. She is not a Wilder; she was switched at birth by one of the Devils minions. All of the sudden, it became clear. Doug the father of her child is actually the Wilders child. She knows at once that she must go find him. For three years Doug has been angry at the loss of Firebird; sure he planned on meeting her for his own gain but he fell so hard for her. And then she just disappeared. When he finally locates her, she is back with her family but it appears that they have her on lockdown. So he naturally thinks the worst of the family. Firebird finds Doug in s sleepy town not far from her home in Washington. Terribly nervous she is not sure how to break the news that not only does she know who his parents are but that he is a father. When she gets to his home he is not there so naturally she breaks in. Doug is pissed with her for being in his home, even more he realizes the sparks are still flying between them, than she tells him that he is a father. Now he is even more pissed, but a part of him still wants to figure it all out and be a family with Firebird. Doug and Firebird have has less than 12 hours together and have not even come close to figuring anything out, or spilling the secrets that would change everything. Immediately upon their return from dinner, they are overtaken by Varinski’s. Firebird and Doug know it is not likely that they will come out of this alive there are just too many of them.

So many betrayals and so many secrets... So much pain could have been avoided if 24 years ago, a bitter old lady hadn’t made a pact with the devil. But then if she hadn’t Firebird and Doug may never have met. With these two nothing seems to go right, if it’s not one thing it’s another and if they had just talked it out in the beginning and not held secrets would things have been different for these two?  As this is primarily Firebirds and Doug’s book, it is also the conclusion of the series, so all of the buildup of the last three books for the war between the Varinski’s and the Wilders come to fruition in this novel. The battle between good and evil and it is a doozy! Everything is riding on this and the Wilders are horribly outnumbered and it doesn’t look good for them. There is plenty of action and twists and turns within this novel to keep you entertained! C. Dodd does not skimp out on the final battle and keeps you on the edge of your seat with plenty of unexpected twists. So the series has come to an end and I find myself thinking that I’m going to miss the Wilders, so I think I’ll have to revisit them from time to time.


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