Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Jeaniene Frost - This Side of the Grave

Night Huntress Series:
Book 5:
This Side of the Grave: Cat and Bones and the usual supporting cast
Having just battled Cat’s now dead ex-husband Cat and Bones just want some time to themselves but a new but old threat is keeping them from any down time. Apollyon is a power hungry Ghoul who uses Cats existence and “powers” to try to incite a war between the Vampires and the Ghouls. Cat doesn’t take to kindly to being used as an excuse for a war where thousands can lose their lives. Cat and Bones are trying to head off this new threat becomes it becomes an all out war like Apollyon tried once before several hundred years earlier with another half breed and they are going to need all the help they can get, even if Cat has to “borrow” more powers.
As usual J. Frost delivers in her Night Huntress series! This series is one of the most consistently good series I have read, each book is action packed and keeps you glued to each page. This particular book is more emotional than some of the other books in the series. Cat goes a little deeper into her emotions, she is really starting to come into her own, be more self aware and not be afraid of who she is and what she feels. It’s easy for people to call Cat immature but for all intents and purposes she is very young (at not even 30) especially to her vampire counter parts. J. Frost again kills off one of the main supporting characters, but I think I am starting to come around on that. I’m actually starting to think that it’s pretty cool that Frost is not afraid to kill off one of her “good guys” , I think there is a method to her madness and it’s not a senseless killing. I have read some other series where there are big battles and the “good guys” don’t have any main causalities, where it’s nice not to lose those characters it’s also a bit unrealistic. This book also features a lot of Vlad who quickly became my Night Huntress book boyfriend! I claimed him, so he’s mine! You all can have Bones, but I want Vlad. LOL! I heard a rumor that Vlad is going to have his own series and I’m hoping that is true. You also see the return of a character from the first book and another shocking surprise. J. Frost definitely keeps the reader on their toes! This is another must read!

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