Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Patricia Briggs - Silver Borne

Mercy Thompson:
Book 5:
Silver Borne: Mercy Thompson
Where Mercy is trouble is right behind and of course everyone else in brought in right behind her, only this time humans are dragged in and they are just so breakable. Mercy has been safe keeping a book on Fae artifacts and now all of the sudden the Fae book store owner that leant her the books has come up missing on top of that Samuel has retreated into wolf form possibly to be lost forever. What is a girl to do, but kick some more Fae butt and somehow manage to convince Samuel that life is still worth living… and she only has a couple of days to accomplish all of this.
The Fae are back and causing problems as their usual. Mercy doesn’t know how she keeps getting in the middle of Fae issues, but here she goes again and this time they kidnapped Gabriel (her teenage shop helper) and she is not too pleased. This book takes place in the matter of a couple of days and is face paced, but to me personally the biggest interest I had was with the Samuel situation. Sam is one of my favorite characters in this series and I’ve been hoping and hoping that he will find some sort of peace, and cross your fingers he may find it in this book. Also part of this book is you see more into the pack dynamic which is also very interesting in how all of the werewolves are connected to each other and how one person can through the pack dynamic off. This is a quick read and entertaining.

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  1. This is definitely a book I enjoyed reading. Thanks for reminding me of it.