Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Patricia Briggs - Bone Crossed

Mercy Thompson:
Book 4:
Bone Crossed: Mercy Thompson
Weeks after Mercy’s last incident things heat up again. Stefan appears in Mercy’s living charred beyond recognition only his scent is able to distinguish him.  Stefan has a warning for Mercy, Marsilia knows that what Mercy did and she is coming after her. At almost the same time an old college acquaintance appears at Mercy’s door with a request to help her with a “ghost situation”. Mercy realizes that this could be some sort of trap, but, she can’t see what it would be and she kind of needs to get out of town for a while, so off she goes to Spokane, Washington. Its just Mercy’s luck that within hours she meets the one and only vampire in all of Spokane and there is in fact a ghost in the house. When Mercy wakes up with fang puncture marks on her neck she knows she is in trouble again.  Where Mercy goes, trouble follows close behind. So, she has trouble of the vampire sort in Spokane and her fate back home is still up in the air with Marsilia. Vampires are such trouble.
This book is picks up right where Iron Kissed left off, on that huge cliff hanger. It truly is amazing how much trouble Mercy can get into in such a short period of time. LOL.  The usual suspects return in this book and Stefan is back after being absent in the last book, which you find out why in this book. I enjoyed this book, it is not as emotionally charged as Iron Crossed, and was more of a return of action rather then emotion. Although Mercy managed to get herself in trouble again, she also managed to save some people. This was a quick and enjoyable read and a good addition to the Mercy Thompson series.

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