Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Patricia Briggs - Blood Bound

Mercy Thompson Series
Book 2:
Blood Bound: Mercy Thompson

What could frighten a vampire? Mercy is about to find out. While repaying a favor, Mercy finds herself face to face with a monster that should not exist. Her hunt for the monster will lead her deep into the realm of of the vampire -- where she will discover more than she wanted to about herself and the people she loves.

When you owe a favor to a vampire you never know what he will ask for when it’s time to collect. The last thing Mercy expected was for Stefan to ask her to change to coyote form to pay some unannounced vampire a visit. Who knew a simple visit could go so wrong?! The vampire turned out to be a sorcerer turned vampire that wiped out an entire hotel full of people, glamoured powerful Stefan within an inch of his life and made him think that he killed a human and almost killed Mercy only being in coyote form saved her life. Now Mercy is knee deep in vampire politics and dead bodies keep turning up everywhere and even Samuel is acting strange. What is a girl to do, but to find the sorcerer/vampire and kick some butt and hopefully not die in the process…
If I had to describe this book in one word it would be “anti-climatic”.  There was all this build up for a big showdown and it was over almost before it began. So that was kind of a letdown. The rest of the book was good however, you get a better look into vampire politics’ and I have to say I do enjoy Stefan and you find out a lot more about him in this book. You also see more of the Fae as it is also in their best interest for this new threat to be eliminated. Mercy really has her hands full with this one and to think just a few months ago she had a “normal” boring life where her biggest concern was whether or not she could fix a broken down VW and now she is battling evil!


  1. I much as I lkie this series this is not the only book that is "anti-climatic". But I'll keep reading to see where Mercy's life takes her.

  2. I really do enjoy the series some books better then other and I read the first 5 really quickly but I stalled out on the 6th book and am taking a mini break from Mercy. lol