Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patricia Briggs - Iron Kissed

Mercy Thompson:
Book 3:
Iron Kissed: Mercy Thompson
The Fae needs help and Mercy owes them a favor (see how all these favors seem to get Mercy in trouble), they need her nose to find a killer. The killer of the Fae turns out to be human, said human ends up dead in a very gruesome manor. Now Zee, Mercy’s mentor and friend is in jail and she is determined to get him out. The Grey Lords (the ruling body of the Fae) are willing to let Zee hang out to dry, sacrifice one, save many, even though Zee is innocent. Now Mercy is stepping on a lot of very powerful scary Fae toes and they are not happy with her. One should never piss off the Fae, they are old, vengeful and powerful and there is a very good chance Mercy and friends won’t make it out of this one.
Finally Mercy picks a man! I’m not going to tell you who, but after much back and forth she makes a choice and sticks with it! Ok now that news is over, the rest of the story… Hmm, what can I remember?? Maybe I should have done some of these reviews right after I read the book instead of several weeks later. LOL! Can we say procrastination. The book was pretty fast paced, it takes place in the span of a week. You learn a lot more about the Fae, there is a stick that follows Mercy around, for what reason, we don’t know, but it’s pretty funny. We LOVE Zee so we don’t want to see him rot in jail. There was a part that made me cry, and I mean really cry. I guess you could say this book was an emotional roller coaster that took you through all the ranges of emotion. I think I would go as far to say that this may be the best book of the series that I have read to date (I only have book 6 left of the series). Sadly, there are no vampires in this book, I do like my Stefan, but I think that is the only drawback to this book). I highly enjoyed this installment and in my lowly opinion if you liked the rest of the series so far you’ll really enjoy this one.

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