Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Lynsay Sands - The Reluctant Vampire

Argeneau Series:

Book 15:

The Reluctant Vampire: Harper and Drina Argenis


Harper lost his last life mate just over a year ago during her turn and since then he has been blaming himself and wallowing in guilt. When Stephanie McGill is brought to Port Henry he has found some measure of happiness again, helping to protect the teenager vampire has brought some purpose to his otherwise directionless life of the last year. Drina is sent to Port Henry as a temporary guard for Stephanie. Stephanie is determined to play matchmaker between Harper and Drina, and they soon find themselves thrown into different situations from the teenagers making. As the danger surrounding Stephanie becomes more intense the passion building between Drina and Harper reaches a boiling point. Only Harpers guilt threatens to deny them both what they both so desperately need.


I think this is one of my favorite of this series. It definitely follows the same Lynsay Sands formula as the rest of her novels, (intense passion from the get go + some danger and a “who done it” storyline) but this one is funnier than some of the others and I find myself really liking Stephanie. Drina was also a good character, she has been a lot of things in her long life and taking us through a history of her life was entertaining. Harper was definitely an alpha type male and it is an interesting dynamic with Drina who is an alpha female, so passions ignite with these two. Add a precious mischievous teenager who is bent on being a matchmaker and you have fun times. I’d check this one out; it’s one of the better Argeneau books when they can sometimes get repetitive.


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  1. This was just such a funny book. I just about giggled the entire way through.. I wanna live in a town like that..