Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Vicki Lewis Thompson - A Werewolf in Manhattan

Wild About You Series:
Book 1:
A Werewolf in Manhattan: Aiden Wallace and Emma Gavin
*Disclosure: Before I begin I want to disclose this is has probably been close to two months since I have read this book (I know I am a slacker) so some of the details are fuzzy, so if I get something wrong I apologize!
Aiden is a security expert as well as the eldest son and heir to the New York Werewolves Pack. He has the responsibility to his pack to mate with another werewolf of high standing to bring pack alliances and keep the werewolf blood lines going. His primary job is to see to the protection of the pack which includes keeping the humans from finding out of their existence. Author Emma Gavin writes about werewolves, hunky alpha male werewolves; however, her stories strike too close to home and it becomes Aiden’s job to make sure she does not have an informant in the werewolf community. When Emma is set to hit the road on a book tour she gets communications from a crazy stalker type that turns out to be the son of the Alpha of Chicago. Aiden gets himself hired on as her bodyguard for her Chicago stop. Sparks fly between Aiden and Emma and soon speculation falls on these two as well as danger mounts. To have Emma, Aiden will have to give up everything, but she could be worth it!
This was a cute book. It was a lot predicable but it was a fun read. I laughed, I cried, ok I didn’t cry, but there were some tense moments. Aiden is Delish and Emma is a cutie. I can’t say I had any complaints with the book, it’s a great light read. It’s a good book, not a great book but a good one. It would be a great read for the beach, or on a stress relief sort of day. Will I continue with the series, probably, Aiden’s brother intrigued me and his book is up next… I have a feeling the next book may be better than the first.

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  1. It does look like a good, light book, too. To bad you didn't like it more though!