Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: H.P. Mallory - A Tale of Two Goblins

Dulcie O'Neil series:
Book 2:
A Tale of Two Goblins: Dulcie O'Neil
It’s been a couple of months since Dulcie left the A.N.C., she has completed her first Paranormal Romance Novel and is even getting a few nibbles from agents. Life has been pretty good, if not a little boring. When Knight shows up at her door looking just as delectable as the last time she saw him she knew trouble would soon follow. As it turns out people from Dulcie’s past are ending up in a coma, or worse, dead.  A Dreamstalker is suspected but they are not sure how the victims are falling into the grand scheme of things.  When Dulcie’s best friend in the world goes into a coma she now knows its personal and is willing to take any measure she can even to her own health’s determent to save her friend. Knight and Dulcie have to work closely together as danger looms all around her…
I really enjoyed this book, there is a certain vulnerability to Dulcie in this book and the lengths she goes to, to help her friend are admirable if not more than a little dangerous. The concept of lucid dreaming has always intrigued me and I really like how H.P. Mallory incorporated it into this novel. It’s not something you see often if ever in novels. Dulcie as always kicks major booty and she is not a female that needs a man to save her, it’s more likely she would be the one to do the saving. Knight is still Knight, Le Sigh! I want him! Give him to ME! At the end of this book you will immediately be thinking when’s the next one out? I want to know what happens!  Ladies you are in luck, the next installment of this series is due out that the end of the month. I know I will be ordering it as soon as it comes out! This series is funny, sexy and refreshing.

Cover Reveal of Great Hexpectations Book 3 in the Dulice O'Neill series.

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