Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Gena Showalter - Lord of the Vampires

Royal House of Shadows Series:
Lord of the Vampires: Prince Nicolai and Jane Parker
“The Blood Sorcerer” decided that he should be a King and over took the castle of the Kingdom of Elden.  Terrified for their children the King and Queen of Elden combined their magic and sent their four children to far off lands, implanting the need to survive and revenge, the only thing that made the journey with each of their children was their timepieces that would count down the time to their return.
 Prince Nicolai is the eldest child and the heir to the throne; he is a day walking vampire and has his own powerful magick. Nicolai has always been the darkest of the children and considered quite the seducer of women. When Nicolai lands in a strange kingdom he finds himself with no memory and an overwhelming need for revenge. Worse yet, his magick has been repressed, his timepiece stolen and he has become a sex slave to the two princesses of Delfina, with dark sexual appetites.  Time passes for Nicolai, but he has no idea how much, however he has found a way to summon a woman to come to his aid. Jane is a human scientist in her own realm but has knowledge that there is at least one other realm out there.   She has spent years trying to figure out how she could travel between those realms. After a brutal car accident almost a year prior Jane is just pulling her life together when she starts having dreams of a dark gorgeous man and then a book arrives, unable to help herself she reads from the book, only to be pulled into another realm disguised as a princess. Nicolai immediately knows the woman he summoned for has arrived and now all they have to do is escape and figure out what… Nicolai has no idea, but he knows time is running out. What ensues is the fight of their lives.
Ok, what is good about this book is that it is action packed and it moves along quickly. You barely have time to catch your breath before something new happens. In typical Gena Showalter fashion Nicolai is a gorgeous alpha male type that you can’t get enough of and there are plenty of steamy scenes to keep anyone satisfied. It’s a quick read that will leave you wanting more.
Ok, now what I felt was missing was there was something missing from a usual Gena Showalter books that makes it hers. Her trade mark humor was missing and something else that I can’t quite put my finger on but that something that makes it a Gena Showlater novel that we all love and adore. It may just be that this is a short piece, longer then a novella, but by no means a full length novel so it feels somewhat rushed and not as flushed out. Also, it feels like the novel just abruptly ends, I literally was confused when I went to turn the page and expected a new chapter but found one of G. Showalters previous books instead. I was like Huh?? Where’s the rest? Timeline wise I really think that this book should have been third in the series rather than first, but I understand the marketing ploy, put PNR heavy hitters Gena Showalter and Nalini Singh at the beginning and the two relatively new to PNR in the middle, makes sense.  This was also the only fairytale of the four books I could not place, I never would have known which one it was if I hadn’t seen it on
Overall, it was a good read, I wouldn’t say it was fantastic, but I definitely wanted to continue to the next book to see what happens to the rest of the children.

*If you have not yet read this series and are looking to start it the reading order I would read it in if I was to start all over again would be: Lord of Rage, Lord of the Wolfyn, Lord of the Vampires, Lord of the Abyss

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