Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Linda Wisdom - Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend

Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend: Declan and Margit "Maggie" O'Malley

Maggie is a powerful witch and a member of the elite Hellion Guard, a police force made up of Sups to protect the supernatural world as well as humans, whether or they know it or not.  Job takes Maggie into Damnation Alley a demon owned bar that caters to the supernatural. There Maggie destroys the club and meets Declan the very sexy half Fire Demon who owns the club. Sparks fly from the first meeting and Maggie knows that this is one demon she should avoid at all costs. The fates have decided something else for these two entirely. When Declan’s sister starts having visions of big evil the Hellion Guard steps in and all of the sudden Declan and Maggie are thrown together to save a human teenage girl from being a sacrifice and to stop a Mayan God from rising.
This is the first book I have read by Linda Wisdom and I have to say I enjoyed it. I may have to go back and read her Hex series as well; I believe this series is a spinoff of that series. Maggie and her spider companion Elle are very likeable and entertaining. Maggie is a kick arse female, she is the leader of an elite squad in the Hellion Guard little phases Maggie until… a human teenage girl. Now she has met her match for wills, and is like a fish out of water. Declan is dark and brooding any everything you want from your alpha male. He has deep protective instincts, great power, an intense demeanor and knows what he wants and makes moves to get it, not taking “no” as an answer.  The plot moves you right along, there is a plenty of action and laughs. All of the side characters have their own personalities and keep things interesting. I definitely enjoyed this book and the world L. Wisdom created. I am looking forward to reading more by L. Wisdom!

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