Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Gena Showalter – The Darkest Surrender

Lords of the Underworld:
Book 8:

The Darkest Surrender: Strider/Defeat and Kaia Skyhawk

Strider is the Keeper of Defeat, he has to Win! Every challenge thrown his way or he suffers debilitating pain. No one challenges him more than the harpy Kaia; the sister of Bianka and Gwen. Strider and Kaia have been thrown together in life and death situations often. Always he has been able to resist the beautiful vicious harpy, until now… Over 1500 years ago at the age of 14 Kaia made the biggest mistake of her life and let the consort of her fellow harpy Tabitha loose at the Harpy Games. In doing so there was a massacre that the Harpys had never experienced before or after. The shame got her and her family banned from the games and Kaia became the most hated Harpy in existence. Only her mother’s reputation kept her from being slaughtered. Now after all these years Kaia and her sisters have been demanded to participate in the games and with all harpidom after Kaia and wanted blood Kaia need Strider more than ever. Strider doesn’t like the fact that Kaia considers him her consort, all he wants in his life is a little peace and there is no way her would ever get that with Kaia, but even he isn’t so unfeeling that he would let Kaia go to the games without her “consort” what’s a couple of weeks as a blood donor? He can do this, and keep his hands off the delectable harpy, right? When the first prize is announced Strider realizes that more than Kaia’s life is at stake but his as well as all the other Lords lives as well. Now all he needs is Kaia to stay alive and Win! This is the challenge of his life.

I really enjoyed this book! This was a Gena Showalter book! This is what I expect to read when I pull one her books from my “bookshelf”. It was funny, action packed and steamy. Kaia and Strider keep you entertained through the whole book with their wit and battle of wills. You also get a deeper into the Harpy culture and I likes what I see, these ladies are funny, loyal and completely vicious! They will not hesitate to destroy any threat to themselves, one of their family or their consort. They can hold a grudge for centuries as poor Kaia knows from first-hand knowledge. It’s not easy being Kaia the Disappointment and to be the most hated Harpy in existence all because of one teensy mistake when she was 14. Now all she has to do is survive the games. The physical and mental trails Kaia must face keep this book moving right along and having a gorgeous smart ass demon possessed man like Strider by her side does not hurt. I love how supportive Strider was of Kaia, he knows his woman is fierce and helps her believe it too. I didn't think I would like Strider as much as I did, but I was hopeless against his egotistical, smart ass charms.  I have to say he has become one of my favorite Lords and that's saying a lot. Kaia does a lot of growing in this book and I enjoyed the journey. I also enjoyed reading of all the sisters again. Now I really hope that the oldest Skyhawk sister gets her HEA! It’s going to be fun watching the Cold Hearted fall! So I really hope she gets a book with someone! Maybe Torin?? Hmmm…


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