Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Sidney Ayers - Demons Prefer Blondes

Demons Series:
Book 1:
Demons Prefer Blondes: Lucy Gregory and Rafe Deleon
Lucy has lived an ordinary life up until now, she had two parents that loved each other and loved her up until her father’s death 10 years earlier.  She owns her own beauty shop, loves doing hair and has great friends. So what if she doesn’t have the best of love life’s; maybe, she just hasn’t found “The One” yet. Lucy’s whole life changes when her bestie Serah brings this strange chest with Latin and odd scroll work etched into the lid and sides, and the chest has this weird vibration thing going on each time Lucy touches it. On the same day Serah lugs that chest in the most gorgeous guy Lucy has ever laid eyes on enters her chest, telling her that she needs his help before it’s too late. Weird much!?  Later that night, Serah and Lucy decide to open the chest, only when they do, strange things happen.. Pipes are bursting in her shop, things are flying out of the chest and that strange gorgeous Rafe guy is battling some beastie outside her shop.  Now she is to find out that she is a half demon who let out a chest full of demons and now has the worst of the “bad” demons after her, life will never be the same…
What I liked most about this book was the humor, I really enjoyed Sidney Ayers sarcastic sense of humor, the way Lucy interacted with her friends is how I would interact with my friends so I found myself chuckling quite a bit. At times it could be a bit much, but I dont think overly so. I think its a humor for a certain type and not for everyone. S. Ayers did a great job infusing today pop culture into the book seamlessly. Rafe of course was our temptingly hot alpha male demon with his own baggage, but a strict code of honor. You can’t help but like Rafe in all of his sexiness and determination. Lucy is funny and rolls with the punches. She certainly takes being a powerful half demon and all that entails well. She could have freaked out and shut down, but she knew what was at stake and with her own flair she did what she had to do. I also enjoyed the rest of the “cast” each had their own personalities and made their own impression. I especially liked Kalli and can’t wait to find out more about her hopefully in her own book. There is also more than meets the eye with Serah, but you will find out more in book 2 for Serah! The only issue I had with this book is sometimes scenes seemed to be incomplete and not fully developed, like you aren’t quite getting all the information you need or the full scope. The final “battle” scene I left it confused and wondering what all exactly happened, but I got my happy ending. Otherwise, it was an entertaining book that I enjoyed reading.  It’s not my favorite series, but it’s pretty decent.

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