Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ARC Review: Nalini Singh - Lord of the Abyss

Royal House of Shadows Series:

Book 4:
Lord of the Abyss: Prince Micah/Lord of the Abyss and Liliana
Liliana is the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer who massacred all that were at Elden including Micah’s parents; he also cursed Micah as his mother cast him to a far off realm where he would be safe. In a vision Liliana saw that at midnight the night Micah’s siblings come back to recapture the kingdom Micah never came, without his presence the siblings fail and the Blood Sorcerer captures them for a fate worse than death.  Liliana can’t let that happen, as one of her father favorite victims she knows how cruel he can be and Micah is her only chance at defeating her father, so she set off to find him.  Where Micah is, even her father won’t go.  As Lord of the Abyss, Micah is what all evil fears, if the Lord of the Abyss comes for you your evil soul will burn in the Abyss for eternity. Micah has absolutely no recollection of anything before becoming the Lord of the Abyss, to him this is all he has ever been. When a frail ugly woman drops into the Black Castle he has no idea what to do with her, so he throws her in the dungeon until he can figure out what to do with the strange female that shows him no fear, a first for him. In their next meeting Micah is intrigued and Lilana knows she can’t be sent to the dungeon, from there she can’t get Micah to remember and she needs him to remember so she offers to become his cook. Knowing she doesn’t have much time so she starts doing all she can to make him remember knowing the whole time as soon as he finds out who she really is he will hate her.  More and more Micah finds himself enjoying the strange Liliana’s company her stories are unusual and her lack of fear is intoxicating. Micah finds himself wanting her and what the Lord of the Abyss wants the Lord of the Abyss gets. Lilana cannot believe that Micah wants her, no man has ever wanted her, she knows she isn’t pretty and has had that thrown in her face her entire life, and Micah keeps perusing her as if he doesn’t care that she is ugly. As days pass Lilianna knows her time is running out her father has started sending his minions after her and Micah is remembering more and more, but her betrayal is hanging over both of their heads…
Oh how I love Nalini Singh, she does it again with this story. She is one of the few authors that can really take a shortened version of a full length book and really still do the characters justice.  This was my favorite story of the series, I freak’n love Micah. He is my favorite with all of his arrogant “Of Course… I’m the Lord of the Abyss”… comments, his unabashed desire, his loneliness, good heart and uncorrupted soul, how could you not fall for him? I know I succumbed to the Lord of the Abyss. I have seen in forums and blogs readers complain that the hero and the heroine are always drop dead gorgeous and they want an unattractive character, well ladies, here it is and Nalini did it very well. I know I didn’t care that Liliana wasn’t the most attractive character, sure I knew this was a “Beauty and the Beast” make over, but during the entire story it didn’t matter that I am used to reading about almost perfect leading ladies and this one wasn’t . If she had never transformed I wouldn’t have cared, because I liked Lilana so much. She has all the insecurities a real woman would have, but still had her inner beauty and strength and thank you for having a man recognize that.  It makes me love the book even more. Though thank you Ms. Singh for not making her a hunch back too, I don’t think I could have gotten past a hunchback. JK!  As I was getting to the end of the book I was concerned I wasn’t going to get a good ending battle and I am happy to say I was wrong I was pretty satisfied with the end battle, but what would have made the ending even better, is if each author had written their characters battle and included it in this book, so we could have had all of the battles that were raging around the castle. That would have been pretty awesome! We do however still get a conclusion, so don’t read that and get disappointed.

*This book was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.


  1. This was my favorite in the series by a mile. I loved Micah and I was very satisfied with the relationship. I was a little let down, though, on the final battle. And I was hoping my confusion about the time discrepancies in the books would somehow get explained away, but alas, they did not.

  2. Jen-
    The final battle needed the other parts, it would have been pretty bad ass if each author had their part of the battle incorperated in this book at the end, so we werent hanging on each of the siblings battles. And I am glad I wasnt the only one who was was hella confused by the time line of the books the 2nd book was way off and it distracted me through the entire 3rd book and I finally gave up caring by this book. lol! I would have reordered the entire series. I would have read it in this order. Book 2, Book 3, Book 1, Book 4