Monday, October 24, 2011

My Top 10 List

My Top Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Series Picks:
I picked these series based on three things: consistency, re-readability and how memorable the characters and plot lines are. These rankings are flexible and can change over time as I read new series or as new books come out. What do you think of this list, do you agree, disagree? What are your favorites?
My All Time Favorite:
Kresley Cole – Immortals After Dark
From the imagination we have the Immortals After Dark, a series of 11 books so far. She has a fantastic sense of humor and characters that will stick out in your mind for years to come. The characters are from the mythical work “The Lore”. The Lore is home to Lykae, Valkerie, Witches, Demons, Vampires, and various other mythical creatures.  Each book can be read as a standalone as well as part of the series. I read these books completely out of order and did not feel like I missed anything. Usually every series has at least one “miss”, but for me this is not the case with this series. Even Ms. Coles “miss” is still a solid four moons ranking for me.  Currently, fans of this series are waiting on pins and needles for the next installment “Lothaire” due out in Jan 2012.
Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress Series
From the imagination of Jeaniene Frost we have the Night Huntress series which follows Cat and Bones. This is a high octane action Urban Fantasy series, made up primarily of vampires. From the first book you are ensnared in the fast paced action and sarcastic wit of the main characters. The primary characters are Cat and Bones, but there is a recurring supporting cast that is just as memorable as the main characters. This series is also very consistant, I don’t think I ranked any book of this series lower then a 4. J. frost keeps me coming back for more.  We are currently 6 books deep on this series.
Larissa Ione – Demonica/Lords of Deliverance
From the imagination of Larissa Ione you have the Demonica Series and now the spinoff of the Lords of Deliverance.  Now technically this is two different series but they are set in the same world. The Demonica series is only 5 books long which is not nearly enough, but thankfully we now have the Lords of Deliverance. This world is a part of the underworld that contains Demons, Angels and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ione creates an in depth world that you will have no problems envisioning. Her reads are incredibly steamy and funny. She has had me laughing so hard that I was crying, but there is still a harder edge to these books that make them darker and grittier. Ione is also very consistent. I have loved every book written and the Demonica series is home of one of my favorite book boyfriends Lore.

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld
From the imagination of Gena Showalter we have the beloved Lords of the Underworld.  The Lords as they are referred to by fans have quite the following. Made up of seriously Alpha immortal males who were punished by the gods to host demons (ex: Wrath, Violence, Death and Pain). The Lords will take up residency in your mind for a long time to come and everyone that reads this series has their favorite male.  Mine is Aeron who hosts Wrath. What is so great about these books besides the yummy Lords is Gena Showalters sense of humor; you can’t help but laugh throughout the books.  This series could almost tie for third place, the only thing that makes this series number four instead of three is I like some of the books more than others, there are a couple of books that are not necessarily “misses” but are not as memorable as the other books.
Nalini Singh – Psy-Changling
From the imagination of Nalini Singh we have the Psy-Changling series which follows the races of the Changlings (animal shape shifting humans) and the Psy (Human Physics) the two groups are naturally at odds. The Psy have conditioned all emotion out of themselves, but some are staring to crack. The Changlings revere emotion and being physical basically everything the Psy have shunned.  This series has quite a bit of tension between the two groups and action. Some things I love about this series is Nalini Singh is one of the few authors that mix up her races. She features characters from every race. Her books are also altra steamy, and the world and characters are very memorable. What has this series is at number five instead of higher up is consistency is the same reason as J.R. Wards BDB, some of the books in this series are not as good as others, but the better books in the series are really good!
J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood
From the imagination of J.R. Ward we have the Black Dagger Brotherhood, which is the warrior class of the vampire race. Where vampires are born not made. This series has some serious fanatics for fans, it’s almost scary sometime. LOL. The Brotherhood consists of some of the most memorable characters you will ever come across. The Brothers are much beloved and unique they have their own lingo that you will find yourself trying to mimic, true… Every fan of this series has their favorite and it is not uncommon for fan to fight over their book boyfriend.  The best books of this series you can read over and over again and never tire of it. What ranks this series lower instead of higher is constancy, some of the books of this series really are just not great, but you have to read each book and in order otherwise you will be lost. I am actually still mad about the last release Lover Unleashed which bordered on boring.  I am waiting to see what direction Ward is going to take us with this series.
Stephanie Rowe – SoulFire
From the imagination of Stephanie Rowe we have the SoulFire series which is a whole new wacky world.  This series has such a unique world and characters. At first you are kind of like huh, this is so strange and bizarre but as you continue reading because you can’t stop you utterly fall in love; at least I did. The supernatural character is not your typical species, or at least they have a unique twist. Stephanie Rowe is super funny and is not afraid to write outside the box. For example her warriors were all tortured for 150 years, so they have the tortured thing going for them but they each have a “girly” hobby that they were forced to undertake as part of their training.  Which I guess sounds stupid when I write it but when Stephanie Rowe does it becomes humorous and just a loveable part of the character.  I really want to rank this series higher, but it only has two published books so far, so that’s not really enough to rank higher. As the series moves along I have a feeling it will move up along the list because already I can’t wait for more. The third book in the series is out Jan 2012.
Gena Showalter – Alien Huntress
From the imagination of Gena Showlater we have the Alien Huntress series. It is the future and aliens are now residing alongside humans on earth. There is an elite force that keeps the Alien population in check, the A.I.R., the females agents are especially vicious! This series features Gena Showalters typical humor and will have you laughing throughout.  This series started out a bit rocky, the first few books were ok, but as the series went on the books got better and better. The last two in this series counted among my favorite books of the PNR/UF genre. If this series continues getting better and better it will no doubt climb higher in the ranks, but for now since the first few books were just ok its sticking at number 8. The most recent book came out I believe early September and I’ve already read it three times.  Gena Showalter certainly knows how to write an alpha male and a vicious yet vulnerable female that needs no man to take care of her.
Molly Harper – Jane Jameson
From the imagination of Molly Harper we have the Jane Jameson series.  Jane is a local librarian, or was until she got canned. She was minding her own business getting drunk when she met a very handsome stranger, really he was too good to be true. On her way home her car breaks down and she is mistake as a deer by one of the town rednecks and shot. She wakes up in the handsome stranger’s house with a thirst for blood.  I mean really could her day get any worse? This series is on this list because it is freak’n hilarious! OMG it is so funny. I adore laughing and this series had me rolling. Molly Harper has snarky down to a science, sometimes it can be too much (read a Betsy Queen of the Vampires – MaryJanice Davidson novel and you’ll understand that statement), but Molly Harper never over uses it and it is properly placed. The series follows Jane Jameson as she navigates the world of vampires, but she has a great supporting cast. Each character has a well developed personality unique to that person.  The concept itself is not unique, it’s definitely another vampire series, but it is unique in its humor.  I could re-read any of the books so far and laugh all over again. As far as being memorable, the plot lines themselves aren’t necessarily memorable but the laughing is. If you love to laugh, and enjoy a snark, this is a series for you.
Anya Bast – Dark Magick
From the imagination of Anya Bast we have the Dark Magick series, the Fae were ousted to human and they responded by rounding them all up and putting them in a containment area. The Fae are ready to get out and are rounding up artifacts one by one that will bust down their magickal wall.  These are tales of a darker magick with an edgier feel.  Anya Bast knows how to weave a tale of magick and Fae.  The magick held by the characters are unique and interesting.  You will find youself pulled into this series from the beginning.  The men are powerful and super sexy, I wouldn’t kick any of them out of my bed and the women are usually as powerful as the men, which I always enjoy. I certainly don’t like a whimpering female that counts on the man to always save her, by the end of the book she should be saving herself or at least be able to. I am highly looking forward to the next book out in Feb 2012, there are only three books out so far and one novella, so it’s still a pretty new series. Although I really enjoy this series when the books are out I have not yet re-read any of the books in this series and it’s not as memorable of some of the others on the list.

Honorable Mentions:
Nalini Singh - Guild Hunter
This series has the potential to move up along the ranks and quick as more books come out. There are a few vampires, angels and hunters that I can't wait to see matched up.

Chloe Niell - Chicagoland Vampires

I enjoy this series, but I'm a bit mad at Chloe Niell right now, if you read the series you know why. So I am waiting to see if she is going to make it up to me on the newest release in Novemebr.


  1. We do have a lot of series in common. But there are a few here I haven't heard of, like Soul Fire and Jane Jameson. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I'm shocked you didn't have thea harrison on the list!

  3. Natalie- I havent read her yet, but worry not she is on my TBR pile.

    Jen- I hope you like them!