Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: H.P. Mallory - Great Hexpectations

Dulcie O'Neil series:
Book 3:
Great Hexpectations: Dulcie O'Neil and Knight
Things are finally calming down in Dulcie’s world. Her best friend Sam is alive and well. She has a top agent representation for her book and a date with Knight. Finally she gets some down time. Finally, when it looks like Dulcie and Knight might actually get something going, he disappears. Dulcie finds out that he has been taken to the Netherworld to face sentencing for her crime, knowing he is going to go down for something he did Dulcie knows she can’t let that happen. So she does what Dulcie does and takes her behind to the Netherworld and finds nothing is what it seems in the Netherworld.
WTh.... Damn you H.P. Mallory!! Damn you for making me cry, for the emotional roller coaster you just took me on and damn you for what happens next?! Any book that can actually bring real tears to this ice princesses eyes deserves a 5 star rating from me. At the end of this book I threw my Kindle in the air and said What The.. Whens the next book, because I need it now!?! Were there some issues with the book, probably, but ask me if I can remember what any of them are... that would be a big fat no, I was too caught up in the story.  I heart heart heart Knight! He is one of my favorite book boyfriends. Who could resist that roguish charm, and his willingness to protect with his life. Dulcie is likable to me; she has real issues, ones that are of the everyday woman, so it’s more relate-able. Hell any female that has had her heart broken and walked in on her man cheating would feel the same way as Dulcie. But I have to say I feel bad for Dulcie's girl Sam. The poor girl needs some love too! Come in H.P. Mallory can Sam get some love too, this were is suspect. I don’t know that I approve. LOL! Bram is also not what he seems, there is more to Bram then we ever knew. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was too short and now I'm ready for the next book in the Dulcie saga.

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