Friday, November 11, 2011

ARC Review: Sidney Ayers–Demons Like it Hot

Demons Unleashed Series:

Book 2:

Demons Like it Hot: Serah SanGermano and Matthias Ambrose


Ever since Serah and Lucy opened that chest almost a year ago everything has changed for Serah. Demons are following her everywhere, she is making strange things happen and Kalli has had to clean up more than one mess for Serah, even her business is suffering which is why she applied for a spot on a cooking show. Lucy and Rafe decide that Serah needs protection and there is something she is not fessing up to. The Fore-Demons in their infinite wisdom send Serah, Matthias, a mercenary turned fledgling Paladin warrior. For almost 800 years Matthias has been straddling the fence between good and evil and at some point man must pick a side. That time came for Matthias just under a year ago when he kidnapped Serah, not know what she was (the one person who can save the world) to hand over to Team Evil, only to realize what he had done and tried to correct his mistake. Ever since then Serah has weighed on his mind and stared in his fantasies and he knows the Fore-Demons must be crazy to assign him to her protection. When the demon who slaughtered his family and turned his shows up Matthias knows it may come to his life for Serah’s… For Serah to survive she will have to conquer all of her old fears and accept who she really is.


I enjoyed the dynamic between Serah and Matthias, both have their emotional baggage but seem to be able to see beyond that. I would have long cancelled my subscription to all of Matthias’s issues, but Serah stuck in there and didn’t give up on him, despite his efforts to through her off. Their heat burned fast and intense. I understood Matthias falling hard and fast since he has a year to stew in his infatuation, but Serah was just a little too quick to be truly believable. We had visits from the first books enjoyable characters. Kalli was around quite a bit, cleaning up Serah’s messes. Gerardo got a huge promotion for which we are very happy for him. Lucy and Rafe were usually hanging around protecting Serah and really where there is Serah there is Lucy, and vice versa. You get introduced to Daniel, who is a cooking show host, I have to admit I had some troubles with Daniel; he really just rolled with the punches too well, it just was not believable. He was quick to believe what Serah and Matthias told him, even though he had believed the opposite for quite some time. Which, leads into; as with the previous book the plot wasn’t fully flushed out, there are missing pieces and a rushed plot line. I still don’t know what being a “Pure Blood” entails and why it’s so important to the world in general and what all powers Serah has. How is Serah supposed to “save the world”? Despite the plot not being flushed out to its potential I let the characters themselves entertain me. Overall, it was a pretty good book, I enjoyed the characters and will more than likely continue with the series I am curious enough to see where Sidney Ayers is taking us and I want a Kalli book, I’d have to say she is my favorite of the side characters.


Amanda P ratings 3 half moons

*This ARC was provided to me through Netgalley by the publisher for an honest review.

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