Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Linda Wisdom - Wicked By Any Other Name

Jazz Tremain Series:
Book 3:
Wicked By Any Other Name: Anastasia Romanov “Stasi” and Trevor Barnes
Stasi has always been the “nice” witch, always too kind hearted to ever hurt anyone’s feelings or cause any harm so it comes as a great shock that Carrie a client at her lingerie shop is suing her for “alienation of affection” because her fourth husband did not come back to her. It is much more likely that he didn’t come back because of Carries not so sparkling personality. The real worry for Stasi is Trevor Barnes, he is a premier wizard lawyer, and he rarely loses a case. Trevor is really regretting taking this case, the human Carrie is an absolute nutcase, and he doesn’t know how much longer he can deal with her. When her craziness gets even worse he knows it’s time to take a trip to meet Stasi to see if she will settle. The last thing he expected when he met the witch Stasi is little red hearts floating above her head, what is that all about anyway. When Stasi sees the little red hearts above the devil incarnate otherwise known as the wizard lawyer Trevor, she knows Cupid must be messing with her, there is NO way her mate could be a lawyer let alone a wizard lawyer, not possible. But when Trevor sticks around she realizes there may be more to him then she thought now if only he would make this law suit go away. Then when the entire town starts going crazy Stasi and crew realize that there may be more to this law suit then meets the eye.
Stasi and Blaire’s entire town has gone crazy. For several hundred years they have given the town their all and now they are acting and talking crazy. It’s like Salem all over again, Stasi should know, she was there and it still haunts her memories. I like Stasi; she definitely finds her backbone in this book. Most of her life her sister witches has protected her because of her gentle nature, but in this book she finds she can take care of herself and stand up to those out to do her harm. Trevor I could kind of take or leave, he was a great compliment to Stasi and supportive, but he really wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea. I guess he wasn’t broody enough for me. Lol Blaire was front and center along with Stasi in this book as roommates you see a lot of Blaire, which I was happy with, I like Blaire, she is a take what she wants sort of girl with a sassy attitude. There are plenty of laughs to be had with this book and an interesting twist in the end. I have to say overall, it was an enjoyable book that fits in great with this series.

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