Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Thea Harrison - Dragon Bound

The Elder races Series:
Book 1:
Dragon Bound: Dragos and Pia Giovanni
All Pia’s half-breed life she has been taught keep your head down, keep a low profile and RUN! Why oh why did she not listen to her mother?!? She is having the worst week, she never should have told that rat bastard of an ex-boyfriend any of her secrets because now he is using them to blackmail her. She’ll be lucky if she survives the next 15 minutes, when “The Dragon” finds out she stole from him, he is going to come after her. NOBODY steals from him, NOBODY… The fact that someone had the audacity to steal to steal from is inconvincible, but there is something about the thief; something that nags at his memory. All he has is a hand written note, but that note is enough to have him curious about the woman who dared to steal from him.  Pia is on the run for her life, she knows the most feared creature is after her and she will be caught. When Dragos catches up with his thief she is more than he expected, for the first time in centuries he is not bored. For that alone he may consider keeping her alive.  But now there other threats trying to take his new possession from him and there is no way he is going to let anyone else steal anything else from him, including HIS thief.
So for a while now my bookish friends have been telling me to give this series a try, and for a while now it has been pushed down on my TBR pile, until again someone left me a comment on my favorite series list that I needed to read this series. So, finally I picked up the first book that has been lingering in my pile for months now. Now, I am upset with myself for not listening to my bookish friends all those months ago and picked up this book when they told me to. I really enjoyed this book, it had all the ingredients to keep me engaged. Super smoldering, brooding alpha male, check, a pretty kick arse female that overcomes difficult obstacles, check, lots of action in bed and out of it, and a great sense of humor, check, check.. Thea Harrison has created an interesting world where the immortal creatures of magic mix with mere humans and everyone tries to get along, “try” being the key world. However, one has more power than the rest (Dragos).  Others want that power and are willing to do anything to get it, and don’t care who they have to trample (Pia) to get it. Once Pia and Dragos meet the chemistry is combustible.  Dragos is certainly not used to anyone daring to fight with him and Pia figures she’s going to die anyway so she doesn’t have anything to lose by standing up to the formidable dragon so the arguing makes for some good times. I am really looking forward to continuing this series and I may even be rushing this review so I can start on the next book. Sorry about that, I’m impatient when it comes to my reading…

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