Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Linda Wisdom - 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

Jazz Tremain Series:
Book 1:
50 Ways to Hex Your Lover: Jazz Tremain and Nikolai Gregorivich
Since Jazz and her 12 sisters were kicked out of the Witches Academy roughly 700 years ago she has become a free spirit, with an independent nature and devil may care attitude. Her life in LA certainly matches her attitude, as a driver for supernatural creatures and as a curse eliminator on the side she can basically set her schedule. She doesn’t have much more pressing in her life other then the occasional curse elimination. Life is good and uncomplicated until Nikolai Gregorivich shows up. Her former lover and full time detective and vampire, whenever, Nikolai shows up jail time for Jazz soon follows. This time there are vampires ending up missing all over LA, Nick needs Jazz’s help as their Prime Suspect is someone that Jazz supposedly killed 75 years ago. Now Jazz has to confront her worst nightmare, literally, Clive Reeves has been haunting her nightmares for 75 years since that fateful night that she plunged glass into his heart and “killed” him. Now she has to finish the job or die trying.
Now Jazz is a character after my own heart, super sarcastic, lives her own life by her own rules, and cares little what others think. When she goes in she goes all in, not much for half assing. As a lead character I highly enjoyed Jazz and her wit. There is great dialogue between her and the side characters. As with other L. Wisdom books you get hilarious “side kicks” with their own fully developed personalities. You have Fluff and Puff her man eating bunny slippers, Irma, the ghost her haunts Jazz’s T-bird and Krebs her human website developer roommate. All are equally funny and add rather than detract from the story. Now Nikolai, Jazz’s ex and current possible love interest is everything you expect from a dark brooding vampire, ultra sexy and all alpha male. The dynamic between Nikolai and Jazz is both familiar and tumultuous at the same time. They definitely have combustible chemistry. The plot line has enough twists and turns to keep you engaged and laughing. I really enjoy Linda Wisdoms sense of humor and I never fail to laugh in one of her books. If you like a book that doesn’t take itself too seriously will produce a good laugh and yet still provide some action you will not be disappointed with a Linda Wisdom novel.

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