Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Karen Marie Moning - Faefever

Fever Series:

Book :

Faefever: MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons


The problem with series such as these is when you go to type up a summary for a review the book follows the same plot line as previous books but adds on to the previous plot line sometimes right where the last book left off. So what to say, what to say… Dublin has escalated, the Unseelie are everywhere. They are infiltrating everywhere, they are news venders, in the guarda, they are working in every day maintenance of the city, EVERYWHERE. Mac doesn’t know who she can trust, certainly not Barrons, V’lane while pretty and nice to look at he certainly has his own agenda, then there is Christian MacKelter, who has has some of the answer but not all of them, and don’t even get Mac started on the other Sidhe-seers. The one group of people where she should belong, have sent girls to beat her and steal her spear. Now there is a group she is definitely not trusting. With All Hollows Eve approaching Mac finds herself in limbo, waiting for disaster to strike. In the meantime, she is supposed to be tracking the book for Barrons and V’Lane, but finds herself leading them away from the book not towards it. She alone has seen the book and knows the kind of evil that lurks inside of it.


This book seems to be a transition book, a good transition book but a transition none the less. We are all waiting for the next big bad to happen. But there are plenty of battles to be had in this book and many things still going to keep you plenty busy in this book and much entertained.

Mac maintains her distrust of all of the players and tries to figure out who stands where. She knows she is eventually going to have to trust someone but she doesn’t know who. New information about Barrons comes to light and she knows more than ever that he may want her alive but she can’t trust him. She doesn’t even know what he is. V’Lane frequents Mac but he is Fae and has his own agenda and it’s doubtful that he has the good of human kind on his mind.

Barrons, is more elusive than ever. Oh how you keep us guess at every turn. This has got to be the most intriguing and frustrating hero ever. Not to mention he has no desire to be considered a hero at all. In fact discourages that image.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was entertaining and fast paced there were twists at every turn. At times you were like “What are you doing.. Are you kidding me?”  Violence and Unseelie presence increases at an expediential rate. Although I did enjoy this book I don’t think I enjoyed it as the previous two, it was missing something or maybe because we are all waiting. What are we waiting for you ask? I’m not telling but it’s a dozy.



  1. This is such a great series.. deep, intense, broody and more than a touch dark.. oh wait that was just Barrons.. yeah talk about an intriguing character.. He makes the books!

    Can't wait for you to review the next book.. and the next.. oh yeah things just keep changing. Moning does a stellar job of keeping the reader on her/his toes.

  2. @Shauni - That is for sure! Always somthing new happening in this series. Although I assume something happens with the sexual tension between Barrons and Mac I keep wondering why in the world I find this series in the Romance section of Barnes and Nobles. Two kisses and a non-romantical sex scene in three books does not make this series a romance. lol

    I also almost looked around to find out what the HECK barrons is but at the last min I closed the page and recited patience is a virtue. HAHA