Monday, January 2, 2012

Review: Karen Marie Moning - Bloodfever

Fever Series:

Book 2:

Bloodfever: MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons


Weeks have passed since the murder of Mac’s sister, weeks since Mac’s life was impossibly altered forever. The Unseelie flooding the city has worsened, and it seems there is little able to stop the flooding.  But there may be some hope after all, other Sidhe-seers in the city, but are they good or bad. As the weeks pass and the violence escalates Mac learns that she can trust no one and the lines between good and bad are horrifically blurred. Mac’s own sense of right and wrong has been completely thrown and she realizes that she is capable of more than she ever thought possible on both sides of the fence.


In Bloodfever the action escalates to another level. Violence is now the normal in Mac’s world, it’s no longer “if” something comes after Mac it’s “when” and when is always sooner rather than later. At every turn in this book there is a threat looming ahead, behind, to the side and above Mac.

In this book Mac learns exactly what she is willing to do to stay alive. She realizes that sometimes there are fates that are worse than death and what exactly she is willing to do fight those fates. She learns that black and white are figments of an imagination, that most everything is a shade of grey. In Mac’s previous life there were clear lines of right and wrong and now that is all blown to hell and back. She also learns the exact value of hope and affect it has on one’s life. At points she is dragged through the gutter and back but somehow manages to survive partially from hope and partially from a shear will to live. Well and it doesn’t hurt that Barron’s is determined to keep her alive.

Speaking of Barron’s, there really isn’t really anything new to report on this front except he thaws out a little in this book. Becomes a little more a man and a little less of an Ice Man. He even laughs in this book! Amazing I know! Although, he remains just as frustratingly tight lipped as always. If I didn’t love the dark mysterious man bit so much I’d really hate Barron’s but as it is you can’t help but love him.

We get a deeper look into V’lane the Seelie prince. We get to spend a little more time with him in this book and I find him very interesting. He is a minimum of 140,000 years old and is completely out of touch of what he thinks a modern day woman would want. It’s kind of comical. I like V’lane even if he is a Death-By-Sex fae. I can’t help it, he just has this entitlement and strange sense of humor thing going for him. LOL

We also meet the young Dani, who is also a Sidhe-seers/ Although he is quite young at around 15 years old she already has many fae kills under her belt. Mac feels a kinship with Dani as sisters in vengeance. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of Dani in the future and something tells me that she may even slide over to Mac’s fight.

Overall, I enjoyed this book more than the first. The world was set in the first book so Karen Marie Moning was able to jump right in with this book and boy did she ever.  From the beginning we are taken through a roller coaster of action or emotion. As I mentioned in my first review Moning has left room for Mac to grow and she definitely grows up some in this book. She is still impossibly young for the task that has been set before her, but she is growing up at a rapid pace. I was not at all disappointed with this book and had troubles putting it down. I was up well past 3am before I finally made myself step back from the book.


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