Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Trina M. Lee - Once Bitten

Alexa O'Brien, Huntress Series:

Book 1:

Once Bitten: Alexa O'Brien

At the age of 16 Alexa O'Brien, entire family was attacked by a werewolf, only Alexa survived, but was turned wolfy. A nearby pack took her in and they became her new family, but it was the pack’s Alpha Raoul who showed her the most attention. They became lovers off and on for years; until Alexa, could no longer play the game and left.

Now years later she is an independent woman who needs no man and a hunter to help keep unruly supernaturals under control.  Alexa lives with her best friend and pack mate Ky, tentatively flirts with and skirts around her attraction with her other best friend and pack mate Shaz, and actively avoids her metaphysical and maybe physical attraction to bad ass vampire Arys. Even years later she still holds a grudge against the pack alpha Raoul who treated her so callously, but now that treatment of woman may be coming to bite him in the a$$ as his ex-lovers start turning up dead and Raoul is the main suspect. Somehow, the task of finding the murders falls to Alexa, but as one of his ex-lovers she might be next!


First, I have to say that I would not suggest starting this series without having read the two prequels first. I got them free on Amazon and they were really quick maybe 20ish pages each, but they contain information that will help greatly with this novel and it takes off running from the start and the back information is explained in more detail in the prequels. Each prequel is enjoyable in its own right so it’s not a hardship.

I have to say I was really glad to have found this series as a freebie read.   This book was fun, sexy, exciting, funny and action packed. What more can you ask for in a book? Alexa is a feisty hard ass of a woman, who really doesn’t take much shit from anyone. After watching her family get literally torn apart by a werewolf and then turned into one at 16 and then betrayed by the one she trusted the most after that horrific incident there is not much room left for innocence. What is left tends to have a hard shell around it.  Alexa kind of reminded me of Cat from the Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress series, the kick arse, smart ass heroine that you can’t help but love even though sometimes you just want to smack some sense into her.  Sometimes you really just think, did you really just make that decision, but hey she’s only human (well kinda human) and makes mistakes like everyone else and has the best of intentions at heart. What I also liked about Alexa is she is a realist with a bit of a dark side. She knows she’s a predator and for the most part accepts all that comes with that, within certain confines. There is this scene with Arys which really gets her blood moving, well there are a few scenes with Arys like that *wink wink* but one in particular, that I am thinking of that really speaks to this.  Alexa is a werewolf with Vampire Powers which makes her very special within the supernatural community, but as more and more learn of this, the more danger she may be in.

The story line in this book takes you all over the place, not as in messy the author was all over the place, but as in dang so much happened that it almost seemed liked this several books instead of just one book, but the story lines never got messy you always knew what was going on. We have a lover’s triangle, a serial killer, a crazy ex-girlfriend, Alexa’s Huntress job and on top of all of that Alexa and Arys have a power thing going on. I’m not going to say more than that, because I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a doozy! A lot happens in the couple week time span, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and entertained, just when you think things will settle, nope, they keep on rolling. This book kept me up late, I could not put it down and I wanted to start the second one right away but alas I knew that I couldn’t (I had other commitments I had to start).  I think there may have been a few issues as far as maybe editing went, but to be honest I can’t remember what they were. If there were they were so few and they were insignificant when it came to my enjoyment of the story.  I very much enjoyed this story and I very much recommend it, especially while the prequels and this book are free, I think even the second book is a cheapy at like 3 bux. It’s fun, its sexy, it has magic, jealously, murder and betrayal and it’s on the darker side of paranormal but maintains its humor and it keeps on going until the very end.


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