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Review: Tamera Hogan – Chase Me

Underbelly Chronicles Series:
Book 2:
Chase Me: Gabe Lupinsky and Lorin Schlessinger

Centuries ago, when their ship crashed to Earth, paranormals of all types settled secretly into our world, quietly going about their business with humans none the wiser. Self-ruling and careful to stay below humanity’s radar, all is threatened when Valkyrie archaeologist Lorin Schlessinger and her werewolf geologist partner Gabe Lupinsky in advertently draw evil attention to Earth and its treasured natural resources.
As the threat intensifies, Lorin and Gabe struggle to contain the chaos they’ve unleashed, and to resist their explosive mutual attraction…
So I read the first book in this series to know and understand what would be going on in the second book, I usually hate picking a book up in the middle of the series and not knowing what is going on. That being said, even having read the first book the details provided in that book on their beginnings are very vague and do not prepare you very well for this book, you are just kind of thrown into the whole alien space concept like you are expected to know more then you actually do. I have to say, I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole space, bad guys plot, it felt a bit forced and not a natural flow or fit.
That being said, I did enjoy the romance! Gabe and Lorin have a great sexual tension going on at the beginning of the book, and their attraction turns explosive. Who knew a science geek could turn out to be so sexy, Lorin sure didn’t, Gabe sure blindsided her and he’s the one who is half blind! Gabe has this whole she’s above me mental thing going on that puts up fences, and Lorin has this whole commitment issue thing going on that keeps him at an arm’s length emotionally, but they can’t fight the physical. T. Hogan, sure knows how to steam up the pages with her characters there is a great build up and then an explosion for the main event! LOL But, she doesn’t forget the love story, she still builds a lasting connection between our hero and heroine, despite themselves and their issues. Lorin and Gabe find themselves closer than they ever thought they would be. It was suppose to be just sex, two adults scratching an itch, but before they knew it, those pesky emotions got involved ruining a perfectly good booty call and they both find themselves in unfamiliar territory. I enjoyed watching these two try to find their footing and often losing it, it was quite entertaining. I found myself wanting to skip over the spacey parts and getting back to Gabe and Lorin!
I do enjoy the world these books are set in, I like the side characters and would like to see many of their stories told. I am not ready to give up on this series although, I’m afraid that the space story is going to continue into the next book at the least. T. Hogan writes a great character and I enjoyed the first books story, but then rock stars are always more interesting then crazy space people looking for a box. So we will see what the next book holds in store for us. Overall it was a decent book, I didn’t hate it, the characters made up for any story issues I may have had.

*This review copy was provided to me through Netgalley for an honest review no other compensation was provided.

Amanda P ratings 3 half moons
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