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Review: Gena Showalter – Wicked Nights

Angels of the Dark:
Book 1:
Wicked Nights: Zacharel and Annabelle Miller

For centuries Zacharel, has been emotionless, cold as the snow that falls from his wings as punishment. He is on his last chance with the one true deity. He is to lead an army of 20, of the worst angels left in heaven, all on the verge of falling, most having experienced horrors no being should ever have to even know about let alone experience firsthand. Zacharel’s fate is tied to his soldiers, if they then so does he. It is on a mission to clear demons from an institute for the criminally insane that Zacharel finds his possible salvation, but it may be too late…
Annabelle, was convicted of a crime she never committed and thrown into an institute for the criminally insane, four years ago. Ever since, that horrific night four years ago when a demon killed her parents she has been plagued by demons trying to get to her in the hospital. Between the doctors, drugs and the demons every day is a struggle to survive. It is not until Zacharel and his motley band of angels appear that she experiences any hope of true survival, but is it too late?
When I first read the blurb I has the thought “Oh no, are we reading another Lothaire?” The similarities in the blurb with the female who didn’t commit the crime and was locked up in an institute and the cold SOB hero were a little too close for comfort. I should have had more faith in Gena Showalter, where as the blubs may have been a bit similar the stories were completely different. Gena Showalter definitely has a writing style that is all her own and it was in full effect with this book.
Although, the characters Zacharel and Annabelle are not my favorite characters from Gena Showalter or other titles out this year they can definitely hold their own. Zacharel, is gruff and tuff but has a strong protective streak when it comes to Annabelle, almost from the start he goes into protective mode. Little by little Annabelle thaws Zacharel’s icy core. In this story we find where this cold attitude comes from, long ago Zacharel suffered a loss that affected him so badly he had to shut down emotionally before he self destructed. To this day he is still tormented by this heart breaking loss. Zacharel definitely embarks on an emotional as well as spiritual journey; in helping Annabelle find faith I think he rediscovers it for himself as well. What I also liked about Zacharel was that he was never perfect through this book, yes he is an angel and one of the highest ranking ones at that, but he made mistakes through the end, it made him a bit more human and not as lofty. I enjoyed watching Zacharel take this journey with Annabelle, he was a strong character that I think anyone would enjoy.
Annabelle, I enjoyed as a character for the most part, despite the difficulties of the last four years she has maintained a youthful enthusiasm and a strength that not many would still hold on to after all that she had been through especially at the young age of 22, but she was still fighting with everything in her. She never gave up! She battered away at Zacharel’s defenses until she had him eating out of her hand and thawing out little by little. I did somewhat get whiplash in that one minute she was wiser and acted older then her years due to circumstances and then the next minute very much her 22 years, when she was acting her 22 years it was hard to picture her with an angel as ancient and jaded as Zacharel, youthful enthusiasm and just plain young can be completely different especially when hooking up with an ancient. I enjoyed Annabelle, but she’s not my favorite.
The warrior rejects were some of my favorite parts; four of the 20 are featured more than others. We see a lot of Thane which I think is going to very quickly steal hearts, with his two cohorts that make up their bromance. Then there is Koldo who is an integral part towards the end of the book. Personally, I think Koldo is going to be my book BF for this series, strong, silent tortured type! At first this rag tag group were such smart a$$es and just didn’t give an ish. They had my cracking up with all the “titles” they were giving Zacharel. I would have liked this to have continued a bit longer because it was so damn funny, but alas, for the story to move along they had to get in line I guess. Although the G. Showalter humor did continue throughout the book, it seemed to be heavier and more engaging in the beginning. Oh and you do get a cameo from several of the Lords!
Overall, this was a great start to this new series, I will definitely be continuing on with it to see how it develops and for each warrior to battle their inner demons.
Amanda P ratings 4 moons
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  1. Hmm I didn't think that about Annabelle, but now that you mentioned it, it's true. Her personality changed sometimes depending on the situation. Haha I liked you called Zacharel a "cold SOB". it's so true. I'm happy to see him warm up, but he just wasn't as "alive" or "fun" as the other warriors.

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  2. Great review. I gotta agree with Ning, I didn't think that about Annabelle until you stated it. I like the fact that she's upbeat and sarcastic despite what she's been through. But like you said, there are times when a diff more mature Anna comes out. I like Koldo, but I'm a big Thane fan ever since he was first mentioned in the book I was like "omg... i love him! more than Zacharel!" which, really, Zacharel is okay, not my favorite character but I don't dislike him. I gave this book a 5, seeing as it was my first book by Ms. Showalter, I thought she got be hooked pretty damn good :)

    New follower :)

    Ana♥ @ Beach Bum Reads

  3. I've yet to read Gena Showalter but this one definitely sounds like an intense and dark read. I like the sound of the characters but I might still start with a different title from this author.