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ARC Review: Rebecca Zanetti - Twisted

Dark Protectors Series:
Book 5.5:
Twisted: Terrent Vilks and Maggie
Twisted  (Dark Protectors, #5.5) 
Expected publication: June 20th 2013
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Maggie is a wolf shifter who was captured and experimented on by the Kurjans. Now that a cure has finally been found for shifters (although not for vampire mates or witches), she can concentrate on creating a new life for herself and finally accepting that her memories are gone forever. Most memories, that is. Sometimes in the hazy world between dreams and dawn, she hears a Scottish voice, dark and deep, that sounds suspiciously like wolf-shifter Terrent Vilks. A man she happened to anger by kidnapping a few years back. Hey, it was for a good cause.
Terrent Vilks knows more than he’s let on for the past several years. After digging for answers, he knows exactly why the demons want Maggie dead. And he remembers his past with Maggie…very well. She is finally where he wants her. Now all he has to do is discover what exactly the Kurjans did to her, beat the demons into so much submission they leave her alone, and get her to fall in love with him. Again. Good thing he’s used to wrangling monsters.
For 10 years Maggie has not been able to remember who she is, she was captured by the Kurjan and experimented on. For the past 10 years she has been basically on her own. For the past 5 she has been living and training with the vampires. Her path has crossed with Terrent a couple of times since moving to the vampire’s compound and each time they have met sparks have flown and not always the good kind. Terrent has wanted Maggie returned to the wolves, saying that she should be among her own kind. He even tried kidnapping her from the vampires, but now finally Maggie has left the compound and returned to the wolves. Maggie is there for a mission to discover who is tampering with the cure. Terrent doesn’t care why Maggie is there, all he cares about is making sure she doesn’t leave him….again….
From the previous books I had hoped that Maggie and Terrent would end up together, they had a strange sort of chemistry the few times they have met. Terrent is a definite Alpha male but on a few occasions he let Maggie get the upper hand on him. There is no mistaking after reading this book that he let Maggie, because this wolf is not like all of the others. He is in a league all on his own. We get to see a whole different side to Terrent, and I gotta say, I liked it! Maggie, I’ve always liked, and this book did not change that opinion. She is just as likeable in this book as she has in previous book. She has a mysterious background, seeing as she can’t remember anything and some of those gaps get filled in this book, but not all. I kind of liked that Zanetti doesn’t just give Maggie’s memory back with another bump on the head or it all come flooding back as soon as she seems something or someone from her past. This makes it a bit more realistic and keep the intrigue going.
From beginning to end this book is action packed. We start with an attack within the first few pages of this book, followed by a startling confession from Terrent. Terrent is determined to win Maggie and keep her safe, but the odds have not been in his favor. Almost from the moment she arrives chaos ensues. There is a team of assassins after Maggie, their mission, to drag Maggie back to their alpha to be his mate and Maggie is NOT having that nor is Terrent. Now that Maggie has come out of seclusion it seems like she has become a very popular girl on the block. Terrent realizes that he has very limited time to secure Maggie as his, but he is determined that his wait is over and it’s now or never. The heat between Terrent and Maggie is blazing hot. Their passion runs as hot in the bedroom as it does when they are fighting. These two know how to keep things exciting. When they are not fighting or loving they are actually a pretty good team, and work well together. But their goals are different, Terrent is determined to keep Maggie safe, but Maggie is determined to be a full partner. She is not a wolf that is just going to be left behind. For 10 years she has been living in a sort of limbo but she has decided memory or not, she is moving forward with her life with our without Terrent.
I truly enjoyed every minute of this book, my only complaint was that it was not long enough! I really wish Maggie and Terrent had gotten a full length book instead of a novella, but I’m just glad we got their story at all. It was well worth it. This series, while not one of my favorites is a very solid, good series that is definitely worth looking into if you haven’t already! I am looking forward to the future books.

*This copy was provided to me through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

4.5 Flames

Amanda darkkind

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  1. Love this series. Bummed they do not get a full novel but grateful got something. I have and will be reading it soon. Great review.