Monday, October 19, 2015

Early Review: The Alpha's Temporary Mate by Victoria Davies

(Fated Match #3)

The Alpha's Temporary Mate: Chloe Donovan and Kieran Clearwater

The Alpha's Temporary Mate

Fated Match has spent centuries pairing supernatural mates together. Witch and matchmaker, Chloe Donovan, takes pride in helping her clients find their happy endings. But when werewolf alpha and millionaire playboy Kieran Clearwater stalks into her office, she may have finally met the one man she can’t help.

Kieran has no intention of finding his mate. Love is a weakness he can't afford. But with his pack growing more concerned over his single status he, needs to assure them all is well. What better way to do so than to hire a fake girlfriend he can parade around at the annual pack retreat?

Chloe is coerced into becoming the wolf’s temporary mate, but she’s determined to keep their agreement professional. But her seductive partner in crime has other ideas, and his considerable charm makes it difficult for her to keep her eye on the prize. While these two burn hot when they’re together, behind-the-scenes politics work to rip them apart.

I really liked this book. I picked this book up for two reasons, 1. I liked the cover and 2. Witches and Were's are two of my favorite paranormal and both in the same book.. I was like eh. why not?!

So I picked the book up on NetGalley and soon into the story I realized that this book is a part of a series, worry not my friends, it is ok. This book can totally be read as a standalone there are only brief mentions of the previous two hooked up couples. It does look like this series is specializing in hooking up species that are usually totally wrong for each other and should never work out... Perfect.. I love those! So I think I'm going to go back and read at least one of the previous books.

Annyywayy... So this book. It starts out in the Chloe's office where she is a professional matchmaker. She is affronted because he's basically asking her to go against all of her matching making principals. Kieran want's a FAKE girlfriend. She prides herself on making lasting connections for true mates. So Kieran shows Chloe's boss a whole lot of zero's and it is decided a fake girlfriend it will be, but Kieran is not accepting any of Chloe's matches and time is running out... So Chloe becomes Kieran's fake mate.

Kieran has been burned badly in the past, Chloe has abandonment issues. He's an alpha wolf, she's a witch.. It should never have worked, but their chemistry won’t be denied! Watching them fight their attraction is fun; it's even more fun when they give in. There are some bumps in the road for these two and a few twists. Ms. Davies could have taken an easy way out with these two because they are mates and gone the insta-love route but the love comes more gradually. Just because fate knows you're meant to be doesn't mean that the two involved have to agree with it, but eventually fate has to have its way. I really enjoyed this book. I liked both Chloe and Kieran and the plot was entertaining. I'll definitely look out for the next book in the series.. I'm hoping Chloe's bitchy siren boss finds her match!

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  1. oh this sounds pretty great!!! I like the mix of witches and werewolves.