Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Terri Garey - Devil Without a Cause

Devil's Bargain Series:
Book 1:
Devil Without a Cause: Sammy Devine (The Devil), Faith McFarland and Finn Payne
After Samauel was cast out of the heavens he was given his own kingdom, hell. For eons he has been paying for his mistake and wallowing in his bitterness. He is determined to make humans pay as he has paid. When his old friend and brother the Angel Gabriel pays Sammy a visit with a possible chance at earning his wings he is intrigued and out of boredom he takes Gabriel up on his offer.
Faith’s life is falling out beneath her. Her young son has just been diagnosed with brain cancer and she is willing to do anything to make her son healthy again and to live a full life, including sell her soul to the devil. When the Devil appears before her and offers her his bargain she is in disbelief until he shows her evidence that she cannot dispute. Faith agrees that at her death her soul is Sammy’s and in return for her sons life all she has to do is seduce Finn Payne one of the world’s biggest rock stars and steal his ring. Easy right? After a visit to the Devil he sold his soul to when he was a young, stupid 16 year old, Finn was not is the mood for anything except locking himself in his hotel room, but when a fresh beautiful hotel worker offers to spend some “quality” time with him, he is unable to resist. Faith cannot believe that the Finn Payne was attracted enough to her that he agreed to spend some “quality” time with her. Despite her jitters Finn manages get Faith to relax and they have a few good laughs and an enjoyable night and he knows one night with her is not going to be enough. Faith has no idea how she is going to get out of the room with his ring undetected but she has to try. Faith manages to get the ring and leave the room when alarms go off and all hell breaks loose. Finn realizes the girl made off with his ring and he manages to track her down and sees her summoning the Devil and he knows he’s screwed! The Devil gives him a couple of more days to get his ring back or his soul is gone. Desperate times call for desperate measures Faith needs to summon the Devil for her son but how is she supposed to do that if the irresistible Finn keeps getting in her way. She likes him more then she wants to admit to, even her son is seemly attached to the rock star! Finn is prepared to do what he has to do, even kidnap Faith and Nathan and pull her heart strings anyway he can, the only problem is she is affecting him more than he anticipated and he even likes her son.
This book was alright, it was very predictable but was entertaining at times. It is an easy, feel good read and you felt for the characters but here was the problem with this novel for me. It was just too unbelievable for me. So Faith falls in love with a selfish man who is unwilling to give up the ring to save her sons life in less than 24 hours.  Ok, I’m not a mother and I never plan on being one, but I just can’t see any mother that desperate to save her kids life to fall that quickly after a night of some good loving to a man who holds your kids life in his hands. That is just not working for me. The ending was painfully groan worthy and takes place in less than 72 hours. I also think I did some other groans from the cheesy clich├ęs of this novel. Now what saved this novel from abandoning it half way through was Sammy the Devil. Sammy was both evil yet there is that tiny spark of goodness in him; you can’t help but like him and feel a bit sorry for him. He is charismatic and plays his part in this novel perfectly! If I do continue with this series it will be for Sammy and Sammy alone!

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