Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Stephanie Rowe - Touch if You Dare

Soulfire Series:
Book 2:
Touch if You Dare: Jarvis Swain and Reina Fleming
One touch from Jarvis and you are suddenly blinded by hatred! Get people in a room with him and mayhem implodes. Jarvis is the Guardian of Hate and if he doesn’t find his missing brother Cameron who is the Guardian of Love soon, Jarvis himself will explode and then Hate will be spread indiscriminately around the world, if that happens all hell will break loose. Reina has lost every single one of her family members except her baby sister, each sister has died before she could save her. Reina has one chance to save her youngest sister from the curse she carries. All Reina has to do is become a Reaper and she can switch the souls will a willing donor. But that one shot is torn from beneath her when Death fires her. He offers her job back if she can kill “Oh Shit it’s Augustus “ the world’s most prolific assassin. Death has taken Jarvis’s brother and he knows that Reina works for Death, if he can get her help finding his brother he agreed to help her kill Augustus and save her sister. Jarvis is surprised when Reina seemly is immune to the effects of his hate, and soon Reina and Jarvis are caught up in feeling neither one of them want to explore. Soon Jarvis and Reina are in the middle of a hail storm of chaos and are on a tight deadline with Reina’s sisters curse taking affect and Jarvis is getting closer and closer to exploding with every moment that passes. Only being with Reina has held off Jarvis’s impending explosion, but that will only work for so long…
I freak’n love this book and this series. The world S. Rowe has created is so odd, but it so works! The characters are so endearing, even the characters you are supposed to hate because they are the “bad guys” you love! There is the “Godfather” that organisms you to death, you might die but you go out happy. Death is charismatic, handsome but a hopeless romantic and the Grim Reaper is hilarious.  Augustus’s weapon of choice are pink stars and he’s lost his enjoyment of killing, but you find yourself feeling slightly sorry for him.  Reina is so full of love she can’t possibly hate and is the perfect counterpart for Jarvis who is literally Hate, it oozes out of him. She loves with every fiber of her being which makes her immune to Jarvis’s affects. She can sooth Jarvis as no one has been able to do in the past, including even his brother. She is able to bring him back from the brink of explosion with her touch. Jarvis is oddly venerable, for someone who carries around and uses Hate as a weapon you would think he would be impenetrable. During his long miserable life he hasn’t been able to be in a room with someone without bringing out their hate.  With Reina for the first time he is able to bring out more than just hate and maybe he can love. He also finds there is a thin line between love and hate and sometimes hate is just as needed as love, without one you can’t have the other. Rowe has a wonderful sense of humor and makes sense of all the chaos that goes on in her book. You could easily get lost with all the characters presented in this series but she writes in such a way that you are able to keep up and keep them straight. The characters are not human but they have such human qualities about them. As I sit here thinking back to the book and the series, it brings a smile to my face as I remember the characters and the story line. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series as this has become one of my favorite series to read!

Extra Bonus: The cover reveal for the next book in the series. Hold Me If You Can

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