Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Alexandra Ivy - Devoured by Darkness

Guardians of Eternity:

Book 7:

Devoured by Darkness: Tane and Laylah

Tane is a Vampire executioner called a Charon, he is feared by the vampire race from the nature of his job.  He lives separate from other vampires, has no clan and has no owed loyalties save to the Anasso himself.  Laylah is a Jinn mongrel which has been forbidden by the Council, if she is found she is to be turned over to the Council for termination.  She has been hiding for 200 years and suddenly her location has been compromised but now it’s not just her, she has something she is protecting.  Tane follows Laylah for days under the orders to bring her to the council, but for some reason he is fascinated and cannot bring himself to take her in, instead he finds himself offering himself to help her, he knows she is hiding something and won’t rest until he finds out what.  200 years ago Laylah’s aunt Marika (a vampire) set things in motion when she captured Laylah’s mother a gypsy and a full blooded Jinn to create Laylah, she needed a mongrel Jinn for the Jinn powers but needed to also be able to control the demon which everyone knows a full Jinn is not controllable.  Everything goes wrong when Laylahs mother manages to hide her from Marika and she spends the next 200 years searching for her.  Now Laylah has in her possession the one thing that can change the world by bringing dark evil back to this world.  Can Tane and Laylah, keep the one thing Marika wants to rule the world and avoid the council at the same time?

Tane is simply yummy, all muscle, golden eyes, sensuality and dangerous who could resist, surely not Laylah as much as she may want to. Tane also harbors a certain amount of loneliness that Laylah can relate to. As a character it also makes him relatable without being too distant.  Laylah is sassy and stands up to Tane giving as much as he does, she is not a women that will let a man steam roll over her like she knows Tane wants to do! The passion runs hot between these two all why trying to save the world and stay hidden, will all that strain be too much for these two?


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