Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review: Rhyannon Byrd - Rush of Darkness

Primal Instinct Series:
Book 7:
Rush of Darkness: Seth McConnell and Raine Spenser
Rush of Darkness
Raine is part Deschanel vampire and part Alacea psychic who was captured and tortured in unspeakable ways for weeks when Seth and the rest of the Watchman found her. Since her rescue Raine is burning for revenge against her sisters killers. She is willing to give her life to her vengeance if need be.  In the months since Seth carried Raine out of her nightmare he has thought of little else but her and his burning need to protect her. Once a vampire killer he is now this vampire’s protector.  When Raines vengeance takes her to Paris she is about to die at her enemies hands when Seth appears to rescue her once again. Seth calls in his Blood Vow to protect Raine from herself as her search for vengeance continues. Now all Seth has to do is keep Raine alive despite herself and find a way to get past all the obstacles to claim his woman.
I really enjoyed this book, this is the first book I have read by Rhyannon Byrd and I have to say it will not be my last. I am kind of regretting that I read this book before the rest of the series, because there were parts where I felt like I was missing something or that something was better explained in an earlier book; however, that being said this book can still be read as a standalone but you can tell it is part of a series.  Raine played her part well; I felt her frustration and her need for vengeance. Sometimes in books when a character has been tortured you know that they were because the book tells you they were but in Raine and Seth’s instances you know and feel their torture weighing on their very souls.  Raine is angry and self destructive her need for vengeance is tearing her apart piece by piece and the only one that has a chance of bring her out of that is Seth.  Seth has spent most of his life where Raine is right now; he has spent his entire adult life as a vampire killer tormented from his family’s deaths when he was 15 and his own unbearable torture.  When his organization betrayed his trust he was finally able to come up for air and realize that his vengeance was killing his soul and not all vampires should have to pay for the horrors of a few. Seth knows where Raine is coming from and tries to save her from herself. It’s a tough job but he knows she is worth it, he wants her with every fiber within his being. Who would have thought the former vampire killer would fall for the vampire. I really liked Seth and Raine together and damn but Seth is smexy and a protector at heart! Raine is a stubborn beauty but if she lets herself she can learn that sometimes there is something more important than vengeance.  This book is heavy on the romance, so you the romance lover will love this book! So now all I have to do is start at the beginning of this series to see what I missed!

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